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 Charity Number: CHY21315

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Phone:  087 1955 393

If you are out on beaches, keep an eye out for seal pups in distress. Stormy weather and rough seas, human activity by means of boat traffic, as well as people and dogs on beaches can sometimes frighten away nursing mothers and inadvertently lead to pups being injured or orphaned. 


  • Do not put the seal in the water. (Injured, sick & newborn pups are on land for a reason)

  • Do not disturb them – observe from a distance.

  • Do not touch pups (these animals can bite, and human scent may lead to mothers abandoning otherwise healthy pups)

  • Keep dogs and children away.

  • Contact us for advice! If the pup is on its own with no mum in sight; obviously injured; or if unsure please ring the Seal Rescue Centre on 087 1955 393.