Better Together Video Competition 2016

Please Take a moment to Watch our video entry, vote daily and share with your friends! We can win a cash prize of 1000 which will greatly help our seals!


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Click to go to Better Together Competition Page...


Seal Rescue Ireland (CHY 21315) is a wildlife hospital based in Courtown Co. Wexford. We facilitate the rehabilitation of grey and common seals rescued from around the entire coast of Ireland when they are found sick, injured and orphaned. At the rescue centre the pups go through an intensive care program until they are fit and healthy and are returned to the wild.

We provide a public service to those who find wildlife in distress, a place to call for information and to rescue animals in need. We also provide information for schools, vet colleges and other educational institutes, and organisations needing advice or help with wildlife information.

We are blessed with the help of a huge network of volunteers in all corners of the country assisting with monitoring animals, transporting seals to the centre, local animal care volunteers at the centre, as well as volunteers assisting in fundraising events, in our shop and even giving guided tours to guests. We have close relationships with vets country wide who offer their services to aid our beautiful wildlife. We give in depth training to our volunteers and vets, and are involved in and assist many organisations with research. We offer an international internship program for passionate people getting into the world of wildlife rehabilitation to work hands on with our seals, and in turn receive their wonderful services and time to keep our centre operational and the animals receiving the best possible care.

Our rescue centre provides educational tours to visitors, classes for students of all ages, playgroups for preschoolers, and behind the scenes “Wildlife Rescuer for a Day” programs allowing people to work closely with our team. We are involved with many community activities and events, as well as hosting monthly family fun days for the local community, and organising regular beach cleans getting everyone together to help keep our local environment clean and safe for both people and wildlife alike.

Our work is wonderful, but we would be nothing without those who make it all possible. We are so much Better Together!