Meet Baloo!

Say Halloooo to Baloo! (The Jungle Book)

This handsome little man was rescued on 28th September 2016 from Old Bawn beach, Cahore, Co. Wexford after being found in distress by Jackie O’Connor and David Swaine. Unfortunately, they could not remain with Baloo, but thankfully as this was close to our centre our team members Pedro, Milo and Cathy rushed to his aid.

After an epic walk the team finally found him lying near the dunes very lethargic and barely responsive. He didn't even react when a towel was thrown on top of him to pick him up :(

He was then carried two eternal miles of dry sand back to the vehicle and barely moved the entire journey. Needless to say our poor crew are exhausted, sore and deserve a large pint of Guinness!

He has been started on fluids, antibiotics and de-wormer to help him on his way to recovery. He is around 2 weeks old still sporting his full lanugo coat, and the good news is he is in fair condition weighing around 20kg. So he obviously was being cared for by mum for some time before becoming separated and rapidly losing condition :(

Hopefully all going well as he is not in too bad shape we can get him back on track and return him home as quickly as possible.

This gorgeous boy would love for you to adopt him (can you just picture his face looking at you from his poster on your fridge every day?)… All proceeds go directly to the expenses associated with his time in care including fish and veterinarian supplies. Click here for more info:



Meet Eeyore!

This poor little chap is a teeny tiny grey seal pup found on 26th September from (near) Roonagh, Co. Mayo. He is under a week old and is in very poor condition :(

Eeyore is in a critical state... he is emaciated, just skin and bone. He is extremely weak and lethargic and suffering from a respiratory infection. It is unlikely that he spent any time with his mother or received any of her much needed milk, so his immune system is very weak.

He is currently in one of our intensive care units where he's being kept warm and cosy with blankets and a heat lamp, as his tiny body is unable to regulate his own temperature and he easily gets cold. He is receiving much needed fluids both in his feeds and via a drip, amongst other medications and treatments trying to keep him comfortable and to get him better.

He is under constant watch by our dedicated team, who are all very worried for him as he is so weak. He has a long way to go before he will be out of the woods, and his tiny body has a lot of fighting to do. We are doing all we can to help him and we desperately hope he will pull through.

Please keep your fingers crossed for this poor baby <3

Massive thank you to everyone involved in his rescue and transport:
Ivan Dickson, Guy Carleton, Tom Fabby (West Vets), Aisling Collins, Ronan Browne and Ivor Hemingway. <3

Meet Ariel

Ariel was found on Morriscastle beach, Co. Wexford on 25th September 2016. Big thank you to everyone involved in finding, rescuing and transporting her to the centre - Mairead Redmond, David Saunders, Paddy Farrell and Connor Ebbs.

Ariel was admitted to the centre as she was extremely weak, lethargic and underweight and suffering from a nasty lung infection which she is still receiving medication for. :( She was around 3 weeks old when found as she was moulting her lanugo coat. She has since completely lost all her baby fur to reveal a very pretty silver coat.

 :.Thankfully Ariel is a strong pup and keeps our interns on their toes as she is feisty and wants to bite! She hisses at us constantly which is good - she doesn't like humans one bit and that's the way we want her to stay! She is being introduced to fish and is taking feeds well and progressing well so far. We are hopeful she will make a speedy recovery :)

If you would like to adopt Ariel and help her through her rehabilitation please follow the links below


It’s sure been a super busy time here at the rescue centre with a mix of both common and grey pups in all stages of rehab!!

Currently in the Rock Pool we have our 4 biggest pups Tinkerbell, Thumper, Rafiki & Lilo. These 4 chubsters are in the final stage of rehab and all merely a couple of weeks away from release so please stay tuned for their release dates!

In the smaller Nursery Pool we have Pongo, Perdita, Jasmine, Stitch and Rapunzel who were this week joined by Eve & Pinocchio! It is practically overflowing in there now!! Several of these guys will be upgraded to the Rock Pool soon when the bigger kids move to our pre-release pool ;) All of the Nursery Pool pups are progressing well and loving having so much space to play and other seals to socialise with. We are all delighted with Pinocchiol – no sign of a swollen face anymore!

In the kennels we unfortunately have Dory who only days ago had to come back in from the pools, despite her being one of the biggest pups! Dory suffered a setback with an injury to her eye most likely due to another seal in the pool slapping her in the face (she probably deserved it! :p ). Unfortunately it is quite a nasty injury causing an ulceration to the cornea leaving it clouded and sore. We immediately moved her into the kennels for a vet check and treatment. So miss Dory is back on antibiotics, pain killers and a special serum for her eye. The vet concluded she can see still see out of the eye and will be able to live a normal life thankfully. Once it has healed she will be back in the pools and back on track for release!

Also in the kennels we have Daisy who is really a little trooper. She is quite small for her age, and is trying had to get the hang of self-feeding but she still doesn’t swallow the fish properly and rips it to pieces! Hopefully she will get the hang of it soon and gain some much needed weight so she can progress to the Nursery Pool. But for now she is still too small. We are hoping to pair her up with another pup in the kennels for company :.

)Nani and Gus Gus are also in the kennels and both are doing very well! Nani is getting the hang of self-feeding and loving her baths. Gus Gus is gigantic and we are dying to release him as soon as we can. He is still on treatment for his wounds, in particular the nasty deep wound on his chest which is taking time to heal as it is constantly being knocked and moved around on :) But otherwise he is a feisty fella and hates us! That’s the way we like ‘em! The least amount of time he spends with us the better, so we are looking forward to him having the all clear.

:)That’s everyone for now. We have two newbies who we will introduce over the next couple of days so please stay tuned....

As always – we appreciate your help in getting these pups back to the wild. Please consider adopting one of the pups to help them get better.



Meet Gus-Gus!

Gus Gus is a Male Grey Seal Pup around 4 - 5 weeks old. He was found on 15th September by Jonny McCormick & Garrett Trant at the North Shore, Greystones Co Wicklow.
We had a number of reports throughout the day about this not so little pup.

Gus Gus was rescued by 2 of our volunteers Pat & Maureen Clarke and brought straight to the centre.

When he arrived he was very dehydrated and lethargic, he had some nasty wounds on his back and also his back flippers.

Gus Gus was put straight into a kennel as he weighed a massive 35.05Kg :) This is normally our release weight for grey seals.

He was given fluids upon arrival as he was very dehydrated, his wounds were cleaned with antiseptic and he was put on antibiotics to clear up the nasty infection.

Gus Gus will not be with us for too long, his wounds are healing well and he is nice & fiesty at the minute so we do not want him to loose that. As soon as he starts eating on his own we will release him back into the wild.

If you would like to help Gus Gus or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below.



Meet Nani

Meet Nani (Lilo's Sister in Lilo & Stitch)!!!!!!!

Nani is a 3 week old female common seal pup that was rescued on 12th September from Strandhill Beach in Co Sligo.

A huge Thank you to Paul Carroll who found Nani and lifted her straight away and took her to meet Sheba one of our volunteers.

Sheba tube fed Nani fluids before she was transported to our centre by Nicola Torpay, Derek Bell & Pat & Maureen. A huge thank you to our network of volunteers for assisting in the rescue.


When Nani arrived she was put onto antibiotics straight away, given plenty of fluids, a heat lamp and plenty of warm towels.

She was very underweight at only 12.3kg, She had a very high temperature and some wounds on her face & flippers. :( She was also suffering from lung worm. This is very common in young pups and if treated in time they can make a full recovery.

Nani is well on the road to recovery and she is learning to eat whole herring on her own. She has started to put on weight and hopefully it will not be long before we can move her into the nursery pool.

If you would like to help Nani or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below.



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Please Watch, Vote and Share!

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Thank you! <3

Nursery Pool Pupdate!

Sunday was a big day for 5 of our pups. Pongo, Perdita, Rapunzel, Jasmine and Stitch all moved into the Nursery Pool!! 

Meet Eve

Eve is a female common seal pup that was found on 26th August 2016 at Malahide Estuary in Dublin by Gemma Hopper & family.

They stayed with Eve until one of our volunteers arrived to rescue her and drive her to the centre in Courtown.

Eve was around 2 weeks old and weighed only 11kg, she was underweight, dehydrated and had some swelling around her face and muzzle.

When Eve arrived at the centre she was given fluids and put on a course of Antibiotics to deal with the infection and swelling on her face.

She was a very lively pup and after a few days we moved her into a kennel so she had more room. Eve loves to spend time in the bath and she is even eating all on her own.

Eve is well on the road to recovery and we have now moved her in with her new friend Pinocchio.

Hopefully it will not be long before Eve has put on enough weight and we can move her into the pools.

If you would like to help Eve or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below.

Meet Pinocchio!

Pinocchio is a 2 week old male common seal pup that was rescued and transported to the centre on 22nd August 2016 from Killcoole Beach in Co Wicklow by Peter Plunkett.

Poor Pinocchio was underweight at only 12.8kg, very dehydrated, had a high temperature and had a very swollen face which was causing him issues when trying to breath.

As soon as he arrived at the centre he was given very strong antibiotic injections and plenty of fluids to hydrate him.

Poor Pinocchio had a very nasty infection and you could smell it as soon as you got close to him. Over the next few days he stayed in ICU being tube fed fluids and antibiotics.

Every day you could see a big difference in his face and as the swelling went down you could see some wounds around his muzzle.

Thankfully he was a fighter and with all the TLC he was well on the road to recovery. After a few more days of getting tube fed fish soup we moved him into the kennels where he had access to a bath and plenty of salt water.

Pinocchio started to eat fish on his own pretty quick which was great and we put him in with Mufasa for company.

Although most of the swelling is gone he still has a long way to go.

We will keep you posted on Pinocchio's progress.

If you would like to help Pinocchio or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below.