A busy Summer, and a hard Winter ahead. . .

Hi everyone, apologies for not updating this in a while, we’ve had a busy and 

eventful summer here at the Sanctuary!

Where to begin? Well, firstly we would like to thank everyone who came to 

visit us this summer in Wexford. It was our first summer here and we felt very 

welcome in our new home, and look forward to the rest of our time here.

We would also like to thank anyone who helped us with any seal rescues over 

the past few months, it was greatly appreciated!

Many of our wonderful volunteers ,who you may have met, have sadly now 

returned home for the winter, and we would also like to thank them for the 

tremendous amount of hard work and effort they put in to helping the seals and 

making the sanctuary run smoothly! The good news is we have new volunteers 

arriving from as far as New Zealand for the winter and are in talks with many 

others who are wishing to volunteer here in the future!

This summer we had many common seals pass through our care, and while 

we couldn’t save them all, we are very proud of the progress our present seals 

have made, and are looking forward to their releases in the coming weeks and 

months. There were some rough days when the seals were very sick, but it is 

always inspiring to see them get better day by day, and encouraging knowing 

that we have helped save their lives.

We have recently had the first (of what is likely to be many!) grey seals arrive into 

our care. The grey seals are much bigger and more powerful than the commons, 

and we must be especially careful when handling them. If you find one a grey 

pup alone on a beach make sure to contact us, and avoid touching them as 

they can be aggressive even at such a young age. You can tell a grey seal pup 

because they have wonderful white fur for the first three weeks or so, and then it 

sheds and turns darker.

As always, we rely entirely on the public to help us, and especially in the coming 

months when we have much fewer visitors to the centre, we could do with some 

extra support. If you would like to help any of the animals we have in our care 

we always greatly appreciative of donations which go directly to purchasing fish, 

supplies and veterinary bills:


Also, now that the weather is dramatically cooling down, especially over night - 

we are in desperate need of heat lamps and bulbs to keep the seal pups warm 

during their intensive care and recovery.

If you would like to directly help the seals in care we would greatly appreciate 

these. They can easily be purchased at farm shops (eg. Gardiners in Gorey) or 

online, and delivered using this address: 

Courtown Seal Rescue Centre, Courtown, Gorey, co. Wexford.

Old McDonalds Farm Store has also very kindly informed us that for every two 

orders they receive on our behalf, they will donate another heat lamp or item of 

similar value. You can check out their website below:




It has been a busy and difficult few months, and this looks set to continue into 

the winter. However, we will not give up and with your support we will be able to 

continue our work!