November Blog Update!


We’re in the midst of grey seal season and things are getting VERY busy here in Courtown (at least in terms of seal numbers!)

Before we get down to business, we need your help! We have entered a video competition and you could help us win €1000, which could feed the seals for a month. Voting closes on 21st November, you can vote daily by following this link (ps. Make sure to share it so your friends can help too!)

We have twelve grey seals in our care now, including Ariel, Captain, Marina, Nemo, Ocean, Oyster, Pearl, Pebble, Pirate, Sandy, Skipper and Tide (and no doubt there will be more by the time you read this!). These are doing well, especially Ariel, Captain, Ocean, Oyster, Pebble and Sandy who are already in the Rock pool!

Our remaining commons (Flotsam, Guppy, Isla, Jetsam, Marlee, Sea Petal and Squirtle) are also doing very well, it is just a matter of practicing eating by themselves and fattening up before they go back into the cold sea. Of course a special congratulations to our late bloomer Flotsam who has finally mastered the delicate art of eating all by herself. It seems there’s always one who takes a bit longer, but she got there in the end! Well done Flotsam!!

We’ve recovered from our recent break–in, and would like to again thank everyone for their kind words of support and even kinder donations! Also a very special mention to Crimewatch Wexford who set up a new alarm system for us, it is greatly appreciated! Things are still very difficult financially, but with your help we can pull through the winter and look forward to a bright New Year.

On a more gloomy note, we have had a number of seals come to us recently with dog bites, including poor Nemo who was so covered in the blue disinfectant we use to clean the cuts he looked more like a smurf than a seal. We are urging people to be vigilant with their dogs when they are walking on beaches, keeping them at a close distance and preferably on a leash so they can be easily controlled and pulled away from a seal if necessary. While a healthy adult seal can defend itself or escape back into the sea, a baby or sick seal is usually unable, and the ensuing bite wounds can become fatal if they are not treated in time.

As always, if you want regular updates, photographs and videos see our Facebook page If you want updates on a particular seal we recommend you adopt them, the money you spend will help us feed and care for them and in return you get an adoption pack which includes monthly detailed emails about their progress or upcoming release date. You can check out our different adoption packages here:  While we here at Seal Rescue Ireland believe that it is still far too early to be thinking about the ‘C’ word, a seal adoption package could make an excellent gift for that special someone in your life this December 25th ;)

If you want to come in and visit our new arrivals we’re still open every day from 10am to 5pm, with a donation box instead of admission fee. Don’t forget feeding times are 12pm and 4pm.