Christmas is around the Corner!!!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Seal Rescue Ireland!

2014 has been eventful to say the least – it is almost a year ago since we moved from our home in Dingle all the way to wonderful Wexford!

We worked hard to get everything ready for the summer and with the kind help and support of so many people we have settled in to life in the sunny South East! We’ve had so many seals pass through our care this year, thankfully most of them with happy endings!

We are still busy as ever here, with 13 grey seals and our remaining 2 commons left…

We’ve had a few impromptu releases in the past few weeks – basically while the weather was still good we decided to send some of our residents out so they could get used to the wild without having to also contend with the rough seas too! We said goodbye to Jetsam, Isla, Barnacle, Sea Petal, Squinty, Pirate, Guppy, Ocean, Pebble, Sandy, Oyster and Nemo!

If you’re stuck for a Christmas present, we would like to recommend a Seal Adoption pack!! It’s bursting with goodies, including a certificate, seal story, photograph, email updates and toy (depending on which package you choose). You will also be safe in the knowledge that you have helped rescue a cute and fluffy seal J You can check out our offers here

 As always, if you would like to see any of our seals we are open from 10 until 5 every day, excluding Christmas and New Years (if you would like to get exact days/times for the festive period, call us!).

Ps. If you want to donate us money to help us pay for our hefty fish supplies, vet bills and running costs, please go here