[Weekly] Community Shout-Out!

Owen and Steven from Fleetwood Paint!

It's not very often that we get the opportunity to thank people for donating paint to our sanctuary (not really a common request for us), but Owen and Steven generously donated enough paint for us to "spruce up" the fence in front of our sanctuary to make it look a bit more inviting. Thank you Owen, Steven and Fleetwood Paint for helping us with our strange request. :)

Wexford SPCA!

Special thanks to the staff of the Wexford SPCA for the warm welcome to Co. Wexford that they sent over during Wexford Day! In addition to an adorable welcome card, they also brought a basket of the famous Wexford strawberries for all of the resident volunteers. The strawberries certainly lived up to their fame and were gone within a matter of hours! Thank you Wexford SPCA for making sure our volunteers have tasty treats!

Residents and Visitors of Courtown!

An especially loud "Thank You" is owed to all of the visitors to the centre that we have had in the past few weeks! Now that summer is approaching, we are getting more and more people stopping by to learn about the seals, especially now that we are getting more of the cute common seal pups coming in. We couldn't keep going with out the support of our visitors! Thank you and we hope to see you again soon!

Neil Walton of Voya Beauty Products!

Neil has always been someone that we know we can call when there is a seal pup in need in Sligo! Neil ended up with Mr. Yeats, one of our newest residents, and gave him some critical fluids and drove him towards us. Neil helps us with several pups each year and we don't know what we would do without him. Thank you Neil from us and Mr. Yeats!

Railway Veterinary Clinic- Co. Galway!

Because of the time of day that Bubbles was found, it was going to be very difficult for us to get to him during the same day. Thankfully, the Railway Veterinary Clinic was able to take in our little Bubbles and provide him with sub-cutaneous and oral fluids during the night until we could arrange transportation for him in the morning. Without their help, Bubbles might not have gotten the initial fluids that he needed to make it through the night. Thank you Railway Veterinary Clinic for watching over Bubbles on his first night!

Emma O'Brien from Galway SPCA!

After spending the night in the Railway Veterinary Clinic, Bubbles needed a ride over towards us in Courtown. Thankfully, Emma O'Brien was able to pick him up and drive him towards us as we came to get him. Without Emma's help, it would have been several more hours of stress for Bubbles (and us) before we would have been able to get him settled in to a kennel at the sanctuary to recover. Thank you Emma for speeding up poor little Bubbles' journey to us!

Joanne of Barna and Moycullen Veterinary Clinics

Thank you to Joanne of Barna and Moycullen Veterinary Clinics for taking the first steps into providing care for our tiny Sea Noodle while he was enroute to us. Without the initial care that Joanne provided, Sea Noodle likely would not have survive the rest of his journey to us due to severe dehydration and stress. Her initial assessment, as well as providing oral and subcutaneous fluids made it so Sea Noodle could travel. Thank you Joanne!

Mary of Galway & Claddagh Swan Rescue

After Joanne got Sea Noodle stableized and fit for travel, Mary of Galway & Claddagh Swan Rescue was more than willing to take our cute little fighter and start driving him towards us. Reducing overall time in transit is important for these little guys, so the more help we can get transporting them, the better. Thank you Mary for helping getting little Sea Noodle to us quite a bit faster than we could have gotten him!

Lindy Vaughan of the Veterinary Hospital- Gorey

After Sea Noodle arrived, we realized how sever his situation was and that he was in need of IV (intravenous) fluids in order to give him the boost we hoped would help him on his road to recovery. Lindy Vaughan agreed to perform the procedure, which is both difficult and risky, because she agreed that it might make the difference for Sea Noodle. The IV fluids helped Sea Noodle significantly, helping him to perk up and be able to better digest the milk we were giving him. Thank you Lindy for being willing to conduct the procedure!

Aoife Cahill!

Aoife is a long-time veterinary friend of Seal Rescue Ireland, and she made a special trip to visit us to help us look over Sea Noodle for advice on any further care. Aoife's advice helped us to make Sea Noodle more comfortable while in our care, as well as how to help him with his immune system and digestion. Aoife's advice taught us a lot while working with Sea Noodle and will help us in caring for other pups in the future. Thank you Aoife for being there when we needed the extra help!