New Arrival: Introducing Bubbles of Galway!

"Bubbles" of Galway

Bubbles was found on 23rd June 2014 by Pat and his dogs in Kinvara, Co. Galway. He is another teeny baby at just over 7kg and was only a day old. After being watched for many hours with no mother returning for the defenseless pup, he was rescued and brought to Railway Veterinary Clinic where the fantastic staff tube fed him regularly over night. Thanks guys! It certainly is no picnic getting up throughout the night to tube feed such a small baby, so we appreciate your willingness to help!

The next morning, Emma from the GalwaySPCA was an absolute champion and drove him from the clinic to meet us half way. Meeting us half way meant he could get the critical first feed of milk that much sooner. He is now settled in well at the rescue centre and is on a special milk replacer which will help him to gain some much needed weight.
While still a little chap, he has put on a half kilo already! The milk replacer by no means truly "replaces" mother's milk (it has only a fraction of the fat content of seal milk), but it seems to help these little ones put on weight fairly quickly. Milk with a bit of added glucose, salmon oil, vitamins, minerals and probiotics make a lovely morning 'milk cocktail' for this little one each morning, and it seems to be working well for him!

When he first arrived, he still had a wet umbilicus (the remainder of the umbilical cord) - a sign that he was only a day or two old. We have to treat his new belly button by cleaning it twice a day to prevent potential infection. He certainly doesn't like the cleaning process (the cleaning stings a bit... poor little baby), but he seems to enjoy the opportunity to suckle on someone's gloved hand as they are treating him.

He is unbelievably cute with his cooing and gummy mouth!
His teeth are just now starting to bud, so his gummy days are nearly over.

Thankfully, though he's only a newborn, he is quite strong and is holding his hydration well. He suckles on absolutely everything!
We have to change his blankets and towels often, as every corner that he hasn't pooped or peed on gets covered in his slimy spit as he suckles on it. The laundry pile is never ending!

Let us know if you have any towels that you can spare, or if you would like to support Bubbles with a donation or adoption!

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