New Arrival: Introducing Mr. Yeats of Sligo!

"Mr. Yeats" of Sligo

Sponsored by Voya Beauty Products

Rescued off of a beach near Strandhill, Co. Sligo with no mom in sight even after hours of observation, Mr. Yates arrived to us in proper fighting form. This feisty lad was separated from mom on the beach and was so hungry that he had started to eat sand to fill his stomach. After getting him some fluids and some milk, Mr. Yates seems to have... passed... all of the sand out of his system with minimal fuss.

As you can see in one of the photos, Mr. Yates has a small scratch under his left eye. While there are no witnesses, we think that he had a less-than-happy meeting with a dog while alone on the beach. While Mr. Yates seems to have no other injuries, his scar serves as a reminder to keep an eye on your dog as they are running on the beach to keep them away from any wildlife nearby.

Mr. Yeats is a stronger pup with plenty of personality; he makes himself known by loudly cooing, especially around meal time! He's a boisterous fellow which makes him extremely endearing.  His unique name stems from his rescue occurring during the birthday celebration of W.B. Yeats in Sligo. He was rescued by Neil Walton of Voya Seaweed Baths and Spa and given his critical first dose of fluids there. Voya has already agreed to sponsor a seal each month, so Mr. Yeats was a natural first choice for them!

While Mr. Yeats is sponsored by Voya, you can still contribute to his care by donating on his behalf or by adopting him!

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