New Arrival and Early Departure: Sea Noodle of Galway

"Sea Noodle" of Galway

Sea Noodle was rescued off of a beach in Galway after he was either separated or abandoned by his mother. He came in weighing less than 7 kilos (a healthy pup weights 10-12 kilos) and was at least a week premature. Being that premature, it is highly likely that his organs had not fully developed by the time he was born, so we knew that there was only a sliver of hope that he would be able to pull through.

After more than eight days of intensive care providing fluids, food and medication, Sea Noodle ended up passing away due to liver failure. He was a tiny, premature pup that was severely dehydrated with a serious upper respiratory infection and fevers. Three wonderful vets all looked him over and had done everything they could, as well as the rescue team providing around the clock care.

We were having to regularly feed him every 3 hours via tube initially with a special hydration solution and then weaned him on to a special milk replacer for seals. He was on medication to help him though several days ago we made the discovery that his liver was struggling. Sometimes animals can come back from this - but it was not meant to be for our little man.

Being so weak already, and having no fat on his little body to help him recover, his organs simply began to shut down. He had made some great steps and kept giving us all hope that he would pull through when he was bright and alert, but he very suddenly turned from awake and seemingly well, to ebbing away... Though we had hoped his liver would improve, it was not to be. His liver failed.

We are at least relieved that he passed quickly - so quickly we didn't even have time to bring him to the vet to be put to sleep. For that we are grateful.

He was such a trooper and we are all absolutely gutted that he did not make it. So many people were cheering him on and hoping for a happy ending but sadly that is not always the case in wildlife rescue work. These are the days that are really tough. 

It was a particularly difficult loss, as he had such a strong spirit and will to live. At least now his suffering has ended. Rest in peace, little Sea Noodle.

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