[Weekly] Community Shout-Out!

For our first community shout-out post, we have a lot of thanks to catch up on. We would like to take this time to thank the following people, with many more thanks to come:

Courtown Adventure and Leisure Centre

Without all of the help of the staff and board of the Courtown Adventure and Leisure Centre, we would not be here today! They have all been great in helping us get established, trouble shooting problems with us, providing us with necessary resources and making us feel welcome! Thank you so much for all that you have done for us!

Voya Beauty Products from the Sea

Voya not only shows their dedication to protecting the oceans by creating organic seaweed beauty products, but also by agreeing to become our first ever corporate sponsor! Voya has graciously agreed to provide us with a monthly donation to help provide care for the many seals we take in. Thank you Voya for supporting our work, and to your dedication to preserving the oceans that we all love!

Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit

A big thank you to the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit, specifically to Dan and Danielle, for all of our help caring for the seals this past winter season. We would not have been able to stay afloat with so many seals in our care without your invaluable assistance. Thank you so much for taking care of so many seals until we could take them!

Secret Valley Wildlife Park

The Secret Valley Wildlife Park has been so helpful over the years in taking in seal pups and providing critical initial care for them until we could come get them. The first few treatments are often the ones that determine if the pup is going to make it or not, and having someone that can provide that care while we are en-route is incredibly helpful for helping the seals make it. Thank you Secret Valley Wildlife Park for helping more seals make it through those critical first few hours! We hope that anyone in the area would stop by and visit the lovely park as well!

Andrew Quinn- Waterford Animal Welfare

A very special shout-out is due to Andrew Quinn for helping us release Darwin back into the  ocean! Andrew was the original rescuer of Darwin a few months ago, making is perfect for him to be the one to do the release. Thank you Andrew for lending a hand in making sure that Darwin was returned to the ocean as soon as possible instead of having to wait for us to have time to take him!

Lisa Donovan ISPCA (Cork)

Lisa Donova from the Cork ISPCA very kindly lent us a transport box when we were in great need, as well as being on site during the release to help provide instructions to the crowd in Cork a few weeks ago. Lisa was invaluable in helping to assure that the crowd gave the seals enough space as they made their way down the beach and back into the ocean. Thank you Lisa for all of your help!

North Wexford SPCA

The North Wexford SPCA also answered our call for help when we didn't have enough proper containers to transport four seals to Cork for a release. They very kindly lent us a large crate for us to put one of the cork girls in for safe transport to the beach. Thank you North Wexford SPCA for helping us get the seals back into the ocean where they belong!

John Timmons

Thank you for John Timmons for coming out to take photos of the otters as we moved them into their new enclosure! We were very excited to memorialize such a touching moment after the otters had been living in such a small enclosure for so long during our moving process. Thank you again for taking such lovely photos of the otters!

The Wishing Well Cafe (Courtown)

We want to also thank the Wishing Well Cafe for so graciously placing one of our signs in front of their storefront to help guide visitors to our location. We are a little tricky to find, so it is very helpful to have a sign in the middle of the main street of Courtown directing folks to us. Thank you Wishing Well Cafe for your help!

Day Volunteers

Thank you to all of our fantastic day volunteers who helped us with all of our moving needs. Without you, we would not have been able to get things packed up and moved, let alone set up in our new location. Without your help and organizational skills, we would not know which was was up! Thank you so much!

All of Our Visitors

Thank you to everyone that has come in to visit us since we opened our doors! Your encouragement, support and feedback has been invaluable! We couldn't keep our doors open without you! Hopefully we get to see you all again soon!

All of Our Donors and Supporters (Near and Far)

Last but certainly not least, a very special thank you is owed to everyone that donated funds and supplies to us as we faced moving across the country and opening a new centre! While we are still working hard to replace our equipment and supplies that we had to leave behind, we kept operational by all of your generous support. Thank you so much for helping us make sure the Irish seals in need had a place to go to get well again!