New Arrival: Sea Petal of Co. Kerry!

Our first girl of the summer!
Sea Petal (a variety of seaweed) was found near Killorglin Co. Kerry on 14th July by Gerry. She was then kindly driven to meet us by Rudi & Jeannine of Fungie Forever Photo's of the Dingle Dolphin. Petal is a very small pup at only 6.4kg and is critically emaciated - you can clearly see her hips, shoulders and ribs. She was very lucky to have been found when she was as she was very close to death after having been separated from her mom at least several days prior to her rescue. She has a long way to go but we are hopeful. She's an absolute sweet heart, so gentle and such a fighter.

After several feeds of ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution- basically Lucozade for seals) to make sure she had enough fluids in her body to digest food, we started our little Petal on some Marine Mammal Milk Replacer, but have since run out of the mix. While the milk is amazing at providing essential nutrition to the little babies, we are still able to provide care with our Fish Soup recipe as an almost-as-good alternative. If you would like to help us provide more milk to little Petal and other very skinny pups as they come in, you can purchase some and send it to us from our Amazon Wish List here.

Sea Petal is putting on some weight now and seems to be responding well to the Fish Soup as well as the vitamins and supplements we are giving her. She is slowing putting on body fat, making her hips and ribs a bit less pronounced. While she is certainly not "out of the woods" yet, we are hoping that her progress will continue!