New Arrival: Introducing Podweed of Louth!

The floodgates have opened! Once the calls about common seal pups start, they never seem to end!

Our newest arrival to date is named Podweed, after a type of seaweed, keeping to our ocean themed names.

This little chap was found by Paddy in Carlingford, Co. Louth when he was out canoeing and Podweed literally swam up on to his canoe! (We considered naming the pup Canoe because of the funny story behind it, but it didn't really have the right "ring" to it.) After lengthy observation it was apparent that this newly born pup was an orphan with no mother anywhere to be seen.

Common seals pups are always with their mothers; unlike the other species of seal in Irish waters the grey seal who leave their pups on land for sometimes hours at a time. A common pup alone is never a good sign.

Thanks to Paddy for keeping watch over this little baby until help could arrive in the form of Claire and Charlie who brought Podweed to safety until he could be collected and driven to meet us by Yvette from Drogheda Animal Rescue! Great team work to save this little cutie pie!

He is a healthier size that the other pups we currently have in care weighing in at 9.9kg which is wonderful. (A normal and healthy common seal pup should weigh between 10 and 12kg) He is now on milk formula to get much needed nutrition in to him and he is looking good and strong so fingers and flippers crossed he will continue to thrive.

A few photos of our little Pod!