Kennel Pupdate!!!!

Black Panther our only common seal is improving really well and has finally started to put on weight after a very slow start. We are hoping that over the next few weeks we will be able to move him into the Nursery pool with all our smaller Grey pups.


Darth Vader is finally on the road to recovery after a few ups and downs at the start. All his wounds have healed and he is eating well. He had lost a lot of weight after he arrived with us but thankfully he is now putting it back on again.

The Joker has made wonderful progress and the wounds on his face have healed so well. His left eye that we initially thought he had lost has healed as best as it can. You can see from the pictures that he now has a very wide eye socket but at least he has not lost his eye. The Joker has also got pox. He will now be able to join the others in the pool soon.

Chewbacca is progressing well and has put on weight nicely. He has a bit of an issue with one of his eyes at the minute so until that has cleared he will not be able to go into the pools. Hopefully it will not be too long.

Rey is still not out of the woods, she has had more downs than ups since she arrived. Thankfully none of her external abscesses have appeared again. She still has a long way to go and we are still keeping a very close eye on her. Keep everything crossed for her.

Poison Ivy the loudest seal to ever stay with us is doing really well. She is still very small although she is putting on weight at a very slow pace. She has had a few kennel buddies but we have had to move them out as she will not let them in the bath. She is going to be a tough girl once she gets bigger.

We have some sad news to report. Our little Finn took very ill and passed away. With it being so sudden we sent him for a necropsy and we are so glad we did as a week later Axel started to show the same symptoms. We were able to treat him with the correct medication thanks to the results we got back from Finn.

Axel has made a full recovery although we are still keeping a close eye on him


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