January Pupdate!

2016 has got off to a busy start with 30 Pups in Care. Unfortunately a few pups that arrived over the last few weeks passed away, due to their injuries. At least they were with us and not alone on the beach. Thanks to Everyone who helped us rescue these poor babies.

In the pre release pool we currently have Harley Quinn, Amber, Sandman, Dr Doom, Professor X and Emma Frost all of these pups are doing fantastic and are fast approaching release weight. Keep an eye on our facebook page over the next couple of weeks for upcoming releases.

The Nursery pool is pretty busy at the minute with 9 pups - Thanos, Archangel, Groot, Magneto, Snowbird, Starlord, Flash, Jean Grey and Princess Leia. All pups are doing great. Some off these guys had to be moved into the pools sooner than planned to free up space in our kennels. Thankfully all of them were doing well and were putting on weight.

Princess Leia arrived with us in the New Year. She was very dehydrated and tired after being battered about during the storms. Once we got her hydrated, it was not long before she was happily munching on fish. She is one of our fastest patients to progress to the pool. 

In The Kennels Spider Girl & Cosmo are doing really and have put on loads of weight. Both of them are pretty close to release weight and thankfully the Pox are finally starting to go away. Hopefully we will be able to get them into the pool for a week or two before they are released.

Gamora & Yondu are both doing well and are putting on weight. They have both had their ups and downs but hopefully they are now on the road to recovery.

Poison Ivy finally started to eat fish on her own and has even managed to put on a few kg. We moved her out of ICU into a kennel with Finn. The two pups are great friends and are helping each other, both are putting on weight and enjoying bath time.

Axel has improved so well since he arrived with us and we are hoping to move him into the pools very soon.

Poor Karma had been doing so well and had even been moved to the pools. She had lost a little weight over the last week and we were keeping a close eye on her. Unfortunatly she has a Prolapsed Rectum and had to have a little bit of minor surgery on Friday night. Please keep this poor baby in your thoughts.

Stan Lee is improving slowly and he still has a very nasty cough that we are treating and an injury on his back flipper.

Rey is still by no means out of the woods and she has been up and down. She is being very closely monitored at this time.

Black Panther is another pup that is still being monitored very closely. he is not putting on weight and is only eating now and again.

Last but not least we have Batman. His wound is healing so well and he is putting on weight. Hopefully if it keeps healing the way it is it will not be long before he is in the pool. It is not hard to have a soft spot for this little guy.

If you would like to help any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below:

Sinéad :)