Ninja Update!

We are delighted to give an update on Ninja our little Trooper!

Ninja the loggerhead turtle spent 3 weeks in our care at the Seal Rescue Centre receiving intensive care, fluids, liquidised food, time in dry dock and aided swims in a shallow bath (as she was too weak to lift her own head to breath.

She progressed incredibly well to everyone's surprise, as the odds of cold stunned turtles surviving in the state she was in when rescued are very slim. As she became stronger and would soon be requiring facilities which we could not provide (heated deeper water tanks) we contacted Galway Atlantaquaria who very kindly agreed to help her for the remaining time of her rehabilitation.

As soon as Ninja was able to swim unaided and had gained enough strength that we knew she would survive the journey to Galway, we arranged for her transport in January.

Upon arrival to Galway Aquarium, she was checked over by their vet and settled in to her new home for the final stage of her rehab. The staff have changed her name to Eva after the storm she washed up in (though she will always be Ninja to us cause she's such a fighter!!!) and thankfully she is progressing wonderfully and thriving!

She began eating by herself the day after she was moved to the aquarium and has gained over 6kg since her rescue in December!!! We are so proud of her, and thankful that she has a second chance at life. Huge thank you to her rescuers, our wonderful team for saving her with initial treatment in her first few weeks, and to the great team at Galway Aquarium for continuing her care and providing the facilities necessary to get her back to full strength!

We hope she will get back to the ocean soon...

Sinéad :)