Meet Axel, Groot and Black Panther

Axel was found and rescued on 18th December 2015 by Zoe Nally and friends at the Easkey River in Co Sligo. He was taken to the wonderful Neil at Voya Seaweed baths and spa. Neil gave Axel initial fluid treatment and kept him over night to make sure he was stable before he was transported to the centre.

The next day Axel was transported from Strandhill to Dublin by volunteers Dee Armstrong and Rossa O'Snodaigh. Dee and Rossa are members of Irish band Kila who collaborated on the beautiful music for our favourite animated movie about Selkie's - Song of the Sea. 
Axel was held in dublin for a short time by Lorcan until our volunteer Mel collected him on her way to the centre.

Axel was around 3 weeks old and weighed in at a very small 12.6kg. He still had some of his white lanugo coat on his back flippers.

Thankfully Axel had no serious injuries and after a few days in ICU with fluid treatment, and plenty of heat he was looking a lot better.

He was moved into a kennel where he very quickly started to eat fish all on his own and he has started to put on weight.

Currently Axel is enjoying spending time with the other pups in the kennel and he is thriving everyday. Hopefully it will not be long before he can be moved into the pools.



Groot was found and rescued on 20th December 2015 by Ria Kirby in Co Cork. Thanks to Breda and Andrew Quinn from Waterford animal welfare for transporting him to the centre.

Groot was around a month old, he was underweight at 22.85kg, dehydrated, had wounds on his head, neck, chin and flippers as well as ulcers on the roof of his mouth which were bleeding and a very chesty cough that was causing him to wheeze a lot.


Groot was in pretty good form when he arrived considering the pain he was in. He was initially given fluids to rehydrate him and antibiotics to clear up his infections.

Groot is now in a kennel with flash and he is enjoying his daily baths and fish feeds. He loves playing with the hose when no one is watching him. All his wounds have healed and the infection has cleared.

Groot will soon be moved into the pools to complete his rehabilitation. He is making great progress



Black Panther was found on 28th December 2015 by Lorcan O Rourke on a Slipway at Dunmore East beach in Waterford. The wonderful Andrew Quinn from Waterford Animal Rescue picked him up and kept him overnight before transporting him up to the Centre.


Black Panther is around 6 Months old and weighed in at 23.75kg. He had wounds on his flippers and face, had a bloody nose, one of his front teeth was loose and bleeding and he was suffering from a chesty cough.


Over the first few days we tube fed him with plenty of fluids and fish soup and gave him antibiotics to clear up his chesty cough. Black Panther was moved into Kennels after a couple of days so he could have access to the bath. He still was not feeling great and his mouth was still sore.


We stopped tube feeding him to let his mouth heal, this was made easier as he had a bit of weight to help keep his strength up. After a few days of being left alone he started to nibble on the fish in his bath and gradually he started eating them on his own.


Black Panther is putting on weight again and hopefully will be moved into the pool soon before being released back into the wild.

If you would like to help Axel, Groot, Black Panther or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below

Sinéad :)