Meet Rey, Batman & Joker!

Rey was found on the 30th December 2015 at Rosslare in Co Wexford by Alice Miller.
A massive Thank You to Alice as she drove Rey straight to us at the centre.

Rey is around 2-3 Months and weighed in at 16.35kg. She is underweight, dehydrated, she had 3 abscesses, 2 on her hips and a massive one between her stomach and chest. Her fur was also coverered in small bits of what looked like melted plastic.

Rey was initially given fluids upon arrival and we arranged for our vet to come out and have a look at the abcesses. Poor Rey was so brave and very well behaved while the vet drained the abcess on her chest. It took a while to drain but once done you could see the relief on her face and she could move around a lot easier.


Over the next few days Rey was given strong antibiotics and plenty of salt baths to keep the abcess area clean. She even started to eat fish all on her own.

Things were going too well and a few days ago she gave us a little scare when she went down hill.  Thankfully we were able to treat her with medication and she is heading in the right direction again.

Keep your fingers crossed for this pretty girl.


Batman was found on Arklow Beach in Co Wicklow on 30th December 2015 by Michael Tyrill. Batman was very weak so 2 of our volunteers Leah & Sian went straight away to rescue him.

Batman was not in a good way when he arrived at the centre, he was so weak and dehydrated and he also had a very nasty wound on his back just above his hip.

He was initially given fluids to rehydrate him, and unfortunately for poor batman we had to clean all the sand and stones from his wound to see how bad the damage was. 
Considering it was really nasty and a very deep wound, Batman was a fantastic patient while we carried out the first deep clean.


For the next few days Batman was given fluids and his wound was cleaned twice a day. We needed to make sure that it stayed open enough so that it could heal from the inside out.

Batman responded well and was moved into a Kennel to give him more space to move around and also it meant he had access to a salt bath all day. 
We continued to clean his wound twice a day and eventually he braved the salt bath. This was great for him and he also started to eat fish all on his own.


Thankfully Batman is a fighter and he has been so patient with us constantly poking at and cleaning his wound. 
Some of the dead Skin / Blubber has come away from the wound but it is healing really well.

He will spend a lot more time in the kennel until the wound is totally healed. He is doing really well now and is putting on weight nicely.


The Joker was rescued on 11th January 2016 from Ballybrannagan Beach in Co Cork. Thanks to Colm Buckley, Jude Cottage and Andrew Quinn ( Waterford Animal Welfare ) for rescuing and transporting this little guy.

The Joker was around 3 Months old and weighed in at only 18.75kg when he arrived. He was very underweight, severely dehydrated and had multiple wounds on his face and body. The worst of the wounds were on his face with possible eye damage.

The Joker spent his first few days in ICU under a heat lamp and was tube fed plenty of fluids to rehydrate him. We also left him with fish as he already knew how to eat on his own. We also had to clean his wounds twice a day which was not very pleasant for him. We moved him into a kennel after a few days were he had more room to move about and also he had access to a salt bath.  

The Joker has started to improve and is eating fish all on his own, The Salt bath is great for his wounds and they have started to heal really well. This little guy has come a long way in two weeks and hopefully he will make a full recovery.


If you would like to help Rey, Batman, Joker or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below

Sinéad :)