Excited new progress for Seal Rescue Ireland and the seals! We just received the equipment and our licence to start tagging the pups. It is a great way to track their progress once they go back into the sea. Each tag contains our phone number, a unique number and SRI. If you ever spot a seal with a flipper tag please call us at: (087) 195 5393. A HUGE thank you to the anonymous donor who gave us funds specifically to start this program!!!!!

The tag is applied to the webs in the flipper and is a similar process as us getting our ears pierced. The females are tagged on the right flippers and males on the left. We are using a variety of colours at the moment 

The area is cleaned well before the application. An agriculture tag applicator is used. The seals sometimes barley flinch which is comforting. Since the aim is to avoid blood vessels, there is rarely any blood shed.

For more information on how to help, click on the links below. 

Sinéad :)