Meet Gamora and Yondu

Gamora was rescued on 9th December 2015 from Sandy Cove in Kinsale, Co Cork after being found by Alan O'Rourke and transported by Rosie & Denis from Animal Magic in Limerick. Gamora was in a bad way when she was picked up, at around 2 months old she was small weighing in at only 19.8kg, extremely dehydrated, had wounds on her flippers and a nasty eye injury.

Thankfully Gamora responded well to fluids when she first arrived, and after a few days rest under a warm heat lamp and eye drops to help her she was starting to feel a lot better. 

She was moved into a Kennel where she started to enjoy short baths and thankfully she was quickly eating on her own. Gamora still has a lot of weight to gain but she is progressing very well.


Yondu a male grey seal arrived on 13th December 2015 from a Co Wexford beach after being rescued and transported to the centre by Kevin MacCormick. Yondu was around 2 months old, he had a few bite wounds and he was severely emaciated weighing only 15.7 kg which is not much more that birth weight. He should have been at least 40 kg. 

Thankfully he had no serious injuries and after a few days of TLC, Heat and feeds of fluids and fish soup he was well enough to go into a kennel. Yondu started to enjoy his daily baths and very quickly picked up the art of eating fish on his own. 

After a few days we moved Yondu into a kennel with Gamora and they are getting on really well.

Hopefully it will not be long before both pups progress into the pools as they are doing really well.

If you would like to help Gamora, Yondu or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below.

Sinéad :)