December Pupdate!

Things have really picked up over the last few weeks with all the bad weather. We have been rescuing seals all over the country; it has been a very busy start to the winter season.

We have graduated 4 more pups into the pools, Phoenix, Ronan and Professor X have joined Elektra in the Rock Pool, while Sandman joined Rogue, Loki & Delphos in the Nursery Pool! All the pups in both pools are doing great and are steadily gaining weight every week edging ever closer to release! We have two releases coming up soon for Delphos, Loki, Pheonix and Elektra - details coming soon.

In the Kennels poor Spider Girl and Cosmo have had a slight set back, they are both suffering from Seal Pox (Similar to Chicken Pox that us humans get). The pox is a virus which causes ugly white lesions on the seals skin and can be a bit uncomfortable but is self limiting. We can not give the pups anything to treat the pox, it will run it's course and in the meantime we just have to keep them comfortable and well fed, although separated from the other seals as it is highly contagious! For healthy seals it isn't a problem, but it can weaken already sick pups further so our quarantine is especially important now!

Both Cosmo and Spider Girl have not lost their appetite and they are still enjoying eating fish on their own in the bath and are otherwise in good health, even if they are a bit cranky!

Karma has improved a lot since arrival, she was a good weight when rescued and she started to moult around a week after arriving at the centre. She loves playing in the bath and making waves. Finally she has started to eat fish on her own and hopefully we will be able to move her into the pools soon.

Jean Grey was very like Karma and it took her a while to figure out how to eat fish, She was happy just chilling out in the bath and relaxing. She is now progressing very well and hopefully she will be moved to the pools with Karma soon for the final stage of rehab.

Emma Frost the little cutie that she is caused us all a lot of stress and heartache at the beginning. She refused to eat and as soon as we entered her kennel she would roll on her back making it totally impossible to tube feed, even though she was so skinny and desperately needed the nutrition, she had some amount of strength! Once she started to moult she became very grumpy and hated us even more. Thankfully she is now eating on her own and has started gaining some much needed weight. She will need a little longer in the kennels yet before she is big enough to go outside into the pools.

Last but not least we have Star-Lord. Considering the terrible condition he was in when he arrived with us, he has come such a long way. He is now in a big kennel enjoying daily baths and making plenty of noise when he is hungry. He has started to put on some much needed weight and thankfully there are no signs of permanent damage to his internal organs. He was rescued just in time. 

Our newest arrivals Magneto, Professor X, Snowbird, Dr Doom and Thanos are all progressing well.

We would also like to say a big thank you to Tricia and Jenny who rescued and transported a pup named Dr Strange who was very poorly and suffering seizures and sadly passed away only a day after arrival. Though he did not have the end we so desperately want for every seal that comes in to our care, at least in his final days he knew care and comfort and we are so grateful to those involved in rescuing him. Rest in Peace little pup.

As this is turning into an extremely busy winter season we need all the help we can get! Please help our seals get back to the ocean by donating, adopting or buying a hoodie. 

If you would like to help any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below.

Sinéad :)