Thank you for the tumble drier!!

We want to say a big thank you to Karen Dodson from The Sewing Room, and Luke Roche (plus others who wish to remain anonymous!) for donating this wonderful tumble dryer to us!

With over 20 seals currently in care at the centre, we go through a HUGE amount of blankets and towels on a daily basis as they are used for bedding, and to handle and restrain the seals safely. They get grubby after one use and we end up with a massive pile of washing to do!

With the cold and wet weather that goes along with the winter, drying the washing is an impossible task. We have literally EVERY surface covered - clothes lines, drying racks, kennel walls, fences, even in the office!

This dryer will literally save our volunteers sanity and keep us with dry laundry for the pups. Thank you so much!!!

(And also, Karen, thank you for the additional donation towards heat lamps!