Meet Magneto and Prof X

Meet Magneto and Professor X...
These two handsome pups arrived only days apart into centre.

Magneto was found on 21st November on Ross beach, Moynard, Co. Galway. He was tiny weighing in at mere 14kg (normal birth weight!) at approximately 6 weeks old. He was completely emaciated, skeletal and suffering. He was found just in time. A massive thank you to all involved in his rescue and transport to the centre - Kate Oughey, Dermot Breen, Lorcan Murphy and Pat Clarke.

Thankfully Magneto has responded very well to treatment. Initial fluid therapy certainly saved this little guy, and after being warmed up he started to become much more responsive. He was soon introduced to a rich in oil fish soup which has helped him to gain condition. He is now in a big kennel with access to a bath and has begun to eat by himself which is such a relief!

Professor X was found on 23rd November on Stradbally Strand, Claghane, Co. Kerry. At about 6 weeks old Professor X was another starving pup weighing only 15.5kg. Being so far away from us it took a great amount of team work to get him all the way into our care and some big thank you's go out to Susan Hall, Aine Long, Paudie Kenny, Erin Power, Lorcan Murphy and Kevin Delaney!

Suffering from Dehydration, emaciation and a bad respiratory infection; Professor X spent his initial week in intensive care under constant watch. He required oral and subcutaneous fluids to bring him back from the brink of death and he barely moved for his initial time with us as he was so weak. Thankfully after some time receiving good nutrition, a lovely warm heat lamp, and a course of antibiotics he has certainly come around! He soon started to show aggression, trying to bite all our lovely volunteers who were just trying to help him! Where is the thanks huh!?  

We love an aggressive seal as it means they still have fight and the will to live in them! So keep on biting Professor X! He has progressed so well and so quickly that he has already graduated into the Rock Pool and is gaining weight rapidly (he doesn't like us very much apparently and wants to get back to the sea as quick as he can)

If you would like to help Magneto, Prof X  or any of our other seals through rehabilitation, please click on the links below. 

Sinéad :)