Nursery Pool Pupdate!!!

These four pups are not long out of kennels and are still trying to find their way about in the pool. Right now they enjoy lazing in the sun, frolicking in the water and competing with each other for fish.

Groot is one of the bigger pups and he is being a bit of a bully towards the others. He is doing well so we are going to move him to the otter pool this week where the bigger pups will hopefully stand up to him.

Flash has only recently moved back into the pool. He had lost some weight and was not eating so we brought him back to kennels for a little while. So far things are looking better and he is eating. We will be keeping a close eye on him.


Thanos has seal pox. He is great though and loves to chill out by the side of the pool when he is not playing with his ball. He is putting on weight at a steady pace.

Archangel is also progressing well. It will not be long before he moves into the pre release pool.