Meet Nani

Meet Nani (Lilo's Sister in Lilo & Stitch)!!!!!!!

Nani is a 3 week old female common seal pup that was rescued on 12th September from Strandhill Beach in Co Sligo.

A huge Thank you to Paul Carroll who found Nani and lifted her straight away and took her to meet Sheba one of our volunteers.

Sheba tube fed Nani fluids before she was transported to our centre by Nicola Torpay, Derek Bell & Pat & Maureen. A huge thank you to our network of volunteers for assisting in the rescue.


When Nani arrived she was put onto antibiotics straight away, given plenty of fluids, a heat lamp and plenty of warm towels.

She was very underweight at only 12.3kg, She had a very high temperature and some wounds on her face & flippers. :( She was also suffering from lung worm. This is very common in young pups and if treated in time they can make a full recovery.

Nani is well on the road to recovery and she is learning to eat whole herring on her own. She has started to put on weight and hopefully it will not be long before we can move her into the nursery pool.

If you would like to help Nani or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below.