Meet Eeyore!

This poor little chap is a teeny tiny grey seal pup found on 26th September from (near) Roonagh, Co. Mayo. He is under a week old and is in very poor condition :(

Eeyore is in a critical state... he is emaciated, just skin and bone. He is extremely weak and lethargic and suffering from a respiratory infection. It is unlikely that he spent any time with his mother or received any of her much needed milk, so his immune system is very weak.

He is currently in one of our intensive care units where he's being kept warm and cosy with blankets and a heat lamp, as his tiny body is unable to regulate his own temperature and he easily gets cold. He is receiving much needed fluids both in his feeds and via a drip, amongst other medications and treatments trying to keep him comfortable and to get him better.

He is under constant watch by our dedicated team, who are all very worried for him as he is so weak. He has a long way to go before he will be out of the woods, and his tiny body has a lot of fighting to do. We are doing all we can to help him and we desperately hope he will pull through.

Please keep your fingers crossed for this poor baby <3

Massive thank you to everyone involved in his rescue and transport:
Ivan Dickson, Guy Carleton, Tom Fabby (West Vets), Aisling Collins, Ronan Browne and Ivor Hemingway. <3