Meet Baloo!

Say Halloooo to Baloo! (The Jungle Book)

This handsome little man was rescued on 28th September 2016 from Old Bawn beach, Cahore, Co. Wexford after being found in distress by Jackie O’Connor and David Swaine. Unfortunately, they could not remain with Baloo, but thankfully as this was close to our centre our team members Pedro, Milo and Cathy rushed to his aid.

After an epic walk the team finally found him lying near the dunes very lethargic and barely responsive. He didn't even react when a towel was thrown on top of him to pick him up :(

He was then carried two eternal miles of dry sand back to the vehicle and barely moved the entire journey. Needless to say our poor crew are exhausted, sore and deserve a large pint of Guinness!

He has been started on fluids, antibiotics and de-wormer to help him on his way to recovery. He is around 2 weeks old still sporting his full lanugo coat, and the good news is he is in fair condition weighing around 20kg. So he obviously was being cared for by mum for some time before becoming separated and rapidly losing condition :(

Hopefully all going well as he is not in too bad shape we can get him back on track and return him home as quickly as possible.

This gorgeous boy would love for you to adopt him (can you just picture his face looking at you from his poster on your fridge every day?)… All proceeds go directly to the expenses associated with his time in care including fish and veterinarian supplies. Click here for more info: