August Pupdate!

Things have been pretty busy at the centre over the last 2 months! :) 
We have 15 pups currently in care..

Tinkerbell, Thumper, Dory, Rafiki & Lilo are having so much fun in the pool. They spend the day chasing each other around and when they have had enough they enjoy lying on the side taking in the last of the summer sun. Hard life for some!

All 5 of these pups are in their last stage of rehabilitation, we are hoping they will be ready for release at the end of this month.

Pongo & Perdita our 2 pups from Northern Ireland are doing fantastically. They are still inseparable. Both of these beauties are now eating fish all on their own and they are putting on weight at a nice steady pace. 
They will spend another couple of weeks in the kennel before moving to the pool.

Stitch is a little heart-breaker... he has come a long way from the skinny terrified pup we first met. He is eating fish on his own and putting on weight nicely. He steals the heart of everyone that comes to the centre as soon as he looks at them with his big eyes.

Rapunzel & Jasmine are sharing a kennel now and they are both on the road to recovery.

Jasmine had such a rough start with her nasty wounds but thankfully she is such a fighter. 95% of her wounds have totally healed now and she is happily eating fish all on her own.

Rapunzel's muzzle has healed, all the swelling and infection has finally gone and she is enjoying her daily fish feeds.

Last but not least we have Daisy. She is the smallest seal at the centre and she still has a long to go. Daisy has a nasty infection that we are treating with strong antibiotics.

Daisy is still being tube fed twice a day although she is eating on her own. The infection and tablets are dehydrating her so we need to keep her full of fluids to flush out the infection. :(

We have 4 more pups to introduce so keep an eye out this week!!

If you would like to help any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below.