Meet Daisy

Daisy was found on 12th August 2016 on Mullaghmore Beach in Co Sligo by Jude Drenan.

Daisy was immediately rescued and taken to Ballyshannon Vets - Old Church. After receiving some vital fluids and a good rest she continued her transport to Courtown.

A massive thank you to Nora Haugh, Ana Vale and Mary Walton for transporting this little girl in stages to the centre.

Daisy was between 7 -10 days old, Orphaned, malnourished & dehydrated.
She weighed a tiny 8kg and had small wounds on her upper lip.

Thankfully Daisy is a little fighter and her feisty attitude has helped her on the road to recovery.

After a few days under a warn heat lamp, fluids and TLC Daisy was feeling a lot better. 
We moved her into one of the kennels to give her more room and access to a bath.

Daisy was still getting tubed fish soup but when she was in the bath we left her a play fish. 
After a few days we noticed the fish was disappearing. 
Daisy had skipped all the stages of learning how to feed. She was doing it all on her own without our help :)

If you would like to help Daisy or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below.