Meet Jasmine!

Jasmine is a female common seal pup that was found at Ravens Point at Curracloe Beach in Co Wexford on 31st July 2016. Thanks to Alice and the guys at The Surf shack who picked her up and brought her straight to the centre.

She was an orphan pup of approx. 7 days old and weighed only 7.9kg.

Poor Jasmine had a very rough start in life. Not only had she been separated from mum at such a young age, she was covered in some really nasty bite wounds all over her little body. Some of the wounds were small puncture wounds while the one on her lower Jaw and several on her rear tail & flippers were very deep.

Upon arrival the first thing we did was flush all her wounds with salt water so we could see the extent of the damage. Luckily the wounds were fresh and they were still very clean.

After we got her wounds cleaned Jasmine was tube fed some fluids, we had to be very careful when tubing her because her lower jaw wound was very raw and sore and it was exactly where we would hold her to stop her biting us.

Jasmine was put on very strong antibiotics straight away so we had to start feeding her fish soup almost immediately so she had something in her stomach. 
Her wounds were cleaned twice a day and she was given a warm salt bath once a day. This helped keep the wounds clean and thankfully they started to heal really well.

After a week we moved Jasmine into one of the kennels to give her more room. She was enjoying her new space.

As her wounds got better we decided to give her a second bath a day and stopped cleaning the wounds in the evening. I think she was really happy to be left alone.

Jasmine is feeling so much better now and her wounds have almost healed. She is such a feisty little fighter. She has come so much further than we could ever have thought.

If you would like to help Jasmine or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below...