Meet Rapunzel!

Rapunzel is a young female common seal pup who was found on 8th August 2016 in Culleenamore, Strandhill, Co. Sligo.

She was rescued by one of our long time helpers Guy Gowan, and received initial treatment at Longford Vet hospital on her way to the centre, with the help of transporters Emer and Darren.

Huge thank you to everyone involved in her rescue and transport to the centre!!!

We determined on arrival that she was approximately 3 weeks old judging by her length and size of her teeth and flippers.

She had multiple issues, being underweight at only 11kg, malnourished and dehydrated so it was important that we keep her fluids up via tube feeding and sub cutaneous fluids.

We also started her immediately on pain medication and antibiotics to treat a nasty abscess on her lip which was badly infected causing a large amount of swelling and emitting a very bad smell!!

Thankfully wee Rapunzel was a little trooper and her feisty nature has meant she is fighting to get better!

She has bounced back well after her initial treatment and skipped an entire step in her rehabilitation already by going straight to self-feeding after only a few force feeds!!! 
Normally pups will hand feed for a time before taking the leap to eating on their own.

We are delighted at her progress and independence!! Now she just needs to continue to gain more weight, which hopefully won't take her long as she has a huge appetite!

If you would like to help Rapunzel or any of our other seals through rehabilitation you can do so by clicking on one of the links below.