Repairs and a Rare Day Off!

You may have noticed that we were closed for a few days earlier this month to allow for repairs to our centre. For anyone who has been to visit us over the past few months, you will have seen the poor condition of our floors, with weak spots and even some holes! While we did our best to make it safe, it became clear that we would have to fix it before the summer season and an increase in visitors.

As Seal Rescue Ireland is almost entirely dependent on donations to stay open and pay for the essential things such as fish and vet costs for the seals, we do find it hard to stay afloat, and it can be extremely difficult to find the money for big projects such as new floors.

Thankfully, we received a blessing in the shape of Gorey Mens Shed! They are a group of local men who volunteer to make and build things for the community, and they generously donated their time and expertise to help us repair our floors. Without their help, the costs of repairing our floors would have been so, so much higher, and we are so grateful for their help! 

Our amazing new wooden floors!

Our amazing new wooden floors!

Also, during one of the days we were closed for repairs, our team also took a few hours off to visit the wonderful Kia Ora Mini Farm, located close-by to our centre. As we almost always have seals in our care, it means we need to be here 365 days a year to care for them, and it is almost impossible that we can all take a day off together.

Luckily, the seals in our care right now are quite healthy and only need to be fed a few times a day, so with the centre closed to the public we decided to go and enjoy one of the best attractions in Gorey, Kia Ora Mini Farm.

We had an amazing time and loved being able to pet the adorable little animals. We would like to thank the staff there for a truly wonderful day out, and we would highly recommend it for all ages!