Kennels Pupdate April 2018

Kennels PUPdate!

Currently we have 5 seals in the kennels, most of whom had all been out in the pools but have had to temporarily be brought back in for closer monitoring for various reasons.

Tauriel, Yvaine and Eleven all have Seal Pox so are quarantined to prevent the spread to other seals. Seal Pox causes lesions on the skin which are uncomfortable but on a healthy seal don't pose a great risk and clear up after a matter of weeks as it is a self limiting virus. All three pups are doing well but are annoyed being back in the kennels!

Wednesday is in great shape apart from a persistent ear infection that is keeping her in the kennels and on medication. She is fat and healthy otherwise. Merlin is also back in the kennels with a urinary tract infection that appears to be antibiotic resistant. He is fat, handsome and healthy otherwise but we have to keep him under close observation with regular vet check ups to keep and eye on his condition.

It is a relief to have only a few seals in the kennels for now, a breather before the crazy summer season ahead!

Stay tuned for a pool PUPdate soon! :)