Pupdate April 2018

Pools PUPdate!

This past weekend we bode farewell to Arya and Klaus – both pups were quick to return back into the ocean with barely a look over their shoulder back at us as we waved them off! With these two beauties returned home, we are now left with 11 seals in the pools. What a relief!


Currently in the Nusery Pool we have Panoramix who is doing great and should be set for release soon; Frodo Baggins who is also in great shape and his eye appears to be healing more so than we ever expected which is amazing, he should also be cleared for release soon; Pigwidgeon is a slow and quiet fellow, a real gentle giant who is feeding well and gaining weight nicely; and finally Zoe who was recently moved into the pool and she is LOVING all the space and the company from the boys 😊

In the Rock Pool we only have Bran and Hansel left since Arya and Klaus were released. Both boys have a minor case of the seal pox which are clearing up already and both are a good weight.

In our Physio Pool, which we tend to allocate seals that are recovering from injuries or tend to be a little smaller etc. we have Falkor who is looking AMAZING! His front flipper is nearly completely healed now, it remains deformed, but this does not bother him and he is still very well able to swim and manoeuvre and he is very fast and has noooo problem gobbling up all the fish! He will hopefully be released soon. Fizzgig is still quite small but very healthy, and likewise Haggis is also a little lady but she makes up for her small stature with a very mean personality! These two petite girls are in great health but still need to gain more weight before they will be cleared for release – eat up ladies!

Finally in the Pre-Release Pool we have Tikka and Ofelia who are both wonderful, back to full health and nearly at their release weight. Another kilo or so and these two gals will be returned to the sea so please stay tuned for upcoming release dates. 😊

Help us to care for these lovely pups. Check out our website for various ways to support our centre: http://www.sealrescueireland.org/how-you-can-help-us/