May Pupdate 2018

Things are a little quieter since we released the last 7 seals… literally, Grey seals are really noisy!!!

In ICU we are still reeling since the very early arrival of Baby Noodles…. He is the definition of cuteness, and a shock to the system after a tough winter with big angry greys. Noodles is docile and sweet and his quiet cooing melts our hearts. He is getting stronger by the day, gaining weight and loving his baths… he is starting to moult his lanugo coat as well to reveal his spots below!



Maui and Wednesday are in Kennels.

Wednesday still has a persistent ear infection and is back on different antibiotics to try and clear it up again. She remains feisty and playful and is thriving in all other respects and is very big now. She would be fit for release going by her weight but she's held back due to the infection. Poor Wednesday is frustrated being confined to the kennels, but we try to keep her as enriched as possible with feeds spread out, a full fresh bath, and different toys throughout the day. Hopefully the infection will clear up soon and she can return to the pools.

Maui is amazing. His entanglement wound around his neck is healing nicely, and he has a good appetite allowing him to gain much needed weight. He is on antibiotics for the wound and a cough, but he remains feisty, bright and very alert and active! We can’t wait to get him into the pools and back to the wild as soon as we can!

Merlin made his graduation to the Nursery Pool which is very exciting! We are all delighted to see him soooo happy – he’s loving the space and is spending all his time frolicking, splashing and playing with leaves in the pool. So so cute. He will need a short stay in here to get some exercise and get his fitness up in preparation for his release which will be really soon now. Yay!

Falkor is in the Physio Pool on his own at the moment since the other seals were released. He has good use of his wonky flipper, and the wound is nearly completely healed up now meaning he is almost set for release in the coming weeks.

Tauriel, Bran and Hansel are in the Rock Pool together and all still have the seal pox, but thankfully they are at the end stages of the virus now and the pox are clearing up which means they are also nearly ready to head home!

Zoe, Ophelia and Fizzgig in are in the Pre-Release pool and are in great shape, they just need to gain a little more weight before they’ll be given the OK to be sent home.

That’s everyone! We are just bracing ourselves now for the common season to kick off and it will be madness here again! 😊 We appreciate any support to help us care for the seals, check out our How You Can Help page on our website for all the ways you can get involved, donate and adopt!