Thanks for doing your part to reduce plastic waste in our oceans and landfills! Due to an incredible amount of interest from across Ireland, SRI is currently not accepting Ecobricks from the public, as we have reached storage capacity on our site.

We encourage families, schools and community groups to get creative with your own Ecobricks and turn waste into building structures in your own homes and communities! Visit for some more great project ideas. Also check out this map for other communities working with Ecobricks. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to find out when we will start accepting them again!

Making Ecobricks is no substitute for reducing plastic waste! However, its a phenomenal way to raise awareness about marine plastic pollution and functionally upcycle our ‘unavoidable’ & un-recyclable soft plastic waste. We can’t wait for you all to get involved in making ecobricks and finding creative ways to use them in your home, school or business.

At Seal Rescue Ireland we’re passionate about conservation and we’re striving to protect marine life every way we can.


SRI often rescues marine mammals that have ingested or been entangled in marine plastic pollution. Therefore, we have joined a global movement to reduce marine plastics by creatively up-cycling our soft plastic waste into ecobricks!!

Small brick, Big goal! Produced for SRI by Tiernan

Making ecobricks provides important insight into how much plastic we are using. As a result of our commitment to pack each piece of soft plastic waste into an ecobrick, we realised how much unnecessary waste we were creating. Since we began making ecobricks, SRIs volunteers have significantly decreased consumption of single use plastics and plastic packaging. Our mission is to encourage you to decrease your unnecessary plastic consumption as much as possible. However, we do realise that some plastics are difficult to avoid; these are the only soft plastics that should be used to create ecobricks!

So, what are ecobricks?  (Watch this short video)

Basically, they’re recycled bottles that are packed completely full of soft plastic until they are as hard as a clay brick. You’ll be surprised how much you can fit into one bottle! The Global Ecobrick Alliance suggests “a good minimum density is 0.33 g/ml.” This means that a 1.75L ecobrick will have a minimum weight of 575 grams and a 2L ecobrick will have a minimum weight of 660 grams.  Minimum density goals are essential to ensure your ecobricks are structurally sound and fire safe; more air pockets equals more fire risk, as fire requires oxygen.

Can you fit a weeks worth of your families waste into one bottle?

Whenever we have free time, our volunteers tightly pack soft plastics (e.g. biscuit wrappers) into empty 1.75 & 2L soda bottles that we source from locals bars & restaurants. Once we have seven finished ecobricks, we silicone glue and strap them together with recycled strapping to create an ecobrick module. A module can be used to make the stool below or multiple modules can be combined to make larger furniture, such as a coffee table or shelves. One of our volunteers has even used ecobricks to build part of a house in the foothills of the Himalayas, a trend that is catching on across Asia, as seen in this short clip. People like yourselves, are becoming more creative with ecobricks every day! 

So, why not try your hand at creating your own ecobrick furniture?

ECO Bricks 2.0.jpg

-750ml, 1.75L & 2L bottles (eg soda bottles).
- Completely packed (we have had to refuse many ecobricks because they are not compacted and our volunteers do not have time to fix everybody's ecobricks).
- Hard as a clay brick please! See minimum weights above.
-Ecobricks with cleaned and dried soft plastic. Dirty contents grows bacteria and makes the brick unsanitary for long term use.

-Ecobricks made from still water bottles; if you are displeased with your local water quality please see Brita Ireland water filtration products.
-Please do not post ecobricks to us.
-Ecobricks with air gaps, water or dirty plastic inside them.

For more information, you can visit or follow us on  Facebook for updates on our ecobrick construction!

Pupdate April 2018

Pools PUPdate!

This past weekend we bode farewell to Arya and Klaus – both pups were quick to return back into the ocean with barely a look over their shoulder back at us as we waved them off! With these two beauties returned home, we are now left with 11 seals in the pools. What a relief!


Currently in the Nusery Pool we have Panoramix who is doing great and should be set for release soon; Frodo Baggins who is also in great shape and his eye appears to be healing more so than we ever expected which is amazing, he should also be cleared for release soon; Pigwidgeon is a slow and quiet fellow, a real gentle giant who is feeding well and gaining weight nicely; and finally Zoe who was recently moved into the pool and she is LOVING all the space and the company from the boys 😊

In the Rock Pool we only have Bran and Hansel left since Arya and Klaus were released. Both boys have a minor case of the seal pox which are clearing up already and both are a good weight.

In our Physio Pool, which we tend to allocate seals that are recovering from injuries or tend to be a little smaller etc. we have Falkor who is looking AMAZING! His front flipper is nearly completely healed now, it remains deformed, but this does not bother him and he is still very well able to swim and manoeuvre and he is very fast and has noooo problem gobbling up all the fish! He will hopefully be released soon. Fizzgig is still quite small but very healthy, and likewise Haggis is also a little lady but she makes up for her small stature with a very mean personality! These two petite girls are in great health but still need to gain more weight before they will be cleared for release – eat up ladies!

Finally in the Pre-Release Pool we have Tikka and Ofelia who are both wonderful, back to full health and nearly at their release weight. Another kilo or so and these two gals will be returned to the sea so please stay tuned for upcoming release dates. 😊

Help us to care for these lovely pups. Check out our website for various ways to support our centre:

Repairs and a Rare Day Off!

You may have noticed that we were closed for a few days earlier this month to allow for repairs to our centre. For anyone who has been to visit us over the past few months, you will have seen the poor condition of our floors, with weak spots and even some holes! While we did our best to make it safe, it became clear that we would have to fix it before the summer season and an increase in visitors.

As Seal Rescue Ireland is almost entirely dependent on donations to stay open and pay for the essential things such as fish and vet costs for the seals, we do find it hard to stay afloat, and it can be extremely difficult to find the money for big projects such as new floors.

Thankfully, we received a blessing in the shape of Gorey Mens Shed! They are a group of local men who volunteer to make and build things for the community, and they generously donated their time and expertise to help us repair our floors. Without their help, the costs of repairing our floors would have been so, so much higher, and we are so grateful for their help! 

Our amazing new wooden floors!

Our amazing new wooden floors!

Also, during one of the days we were closed for repairs, our team also took a few hours off to visit the wonderful Kia Ora Mini Farm, located close-by to our centre. As we almost always have seals in our care, it means we need to be here 365 days a year to care for them, and it is almost impossible that we can all take a day off together.

Luckily, the seals in our care right now are quite healthy and only need to be fed a few times a day, so with the centre closed to the public we decided to go and enjoy one of the best attractions in Gorey, Kia Ora Mini Farm.

We had an amazing time and loved being able to pet the adorable little animals. We would like to thank the staff there for a truly wonderful day out, and we would highly recommend it for all ages!

Kennels Pupdate April 2018

Kennels PUPdate!

Currently we have 5 seals in the kennels, most of whom had all been out in the pools but have had to temporarily be brought back in for closer monitoring for various reasons.

Tauriel, Yvaine and Eleven all have Seal Pox so are quarantined to prevent the spread to other seals. Seal Pox causes lesions on the skin which are uncomfortable but on a healthy seal don't pose a great risk and clear up after a matter of weeks as it is a self limiting virus. All three pups are doing well but are annoyed being back in the kennels!

Wednesday is in great shape apart from a persistent ear infection that is keeping her in the kennels and on medication. She is fat and healthy otherwise. Merlin is also back in the kennels with a urinary tract infection that appears to be antibiotic resistant. He is fat, handsome and healthy otherwise but we have to keep him under close observation with regular vet check ups to keep and eye on his condition.

It is a relief to have only a few seals in the kennels for now, a breather before the crazy summer season ahead!

Stay tuned for a pool PUPdate soon! :)


Seal Release - 22nd April 2018

We are delighted to announce we will be hosting a seal release this Sunday 22nd April at Bray beach in County Wicklow.

A seal release does what it says on the tin – we release seals! Seal Rescue Ireland is a seal rehabilitation centre, where we rescue sick, injured or orphaned seals, nurse them back to health, and then release them back out into the wild. Along with the release we will also have a small gift shop available and will be holding a raffle, all of which directly go towards helping the cost of rescuing these lovely animals.

This Sunday will be releasing three gorgeous seals; Fred Weasley, Tyrion, and Ravenna. The release will happen at 2pm sharp and we recommend you come early to ensure you don’t miss the event, as the seals can move fast to get back into the water!

To give you a taste of what to expect, you can check out this video of a recent release we had at Morriscastle beach, Co Wexford: 

At this time of year, we are releasing many of the grey seal pups who came into our care since the winter, as they are now big and healthy. In fact, we have released nine of our seals in the past month alone!

At the moment we still have 21 seals in our care, which will go down to 18 after this weeks release, and this number should continue to decrease in the coming weeks before we enter common seal season. Common seals start to pup anytime from around May with most coming in June and July.

If you are interested in coming to the release this week, we have a Facebook event that you can click attending or share with your friends: 

If you can’t make it to the release but would still like to see seals up close, you can visit our centre in Courtown, County Wexford, which is open every day 9-5 and has free entry (but donations to help care for the seals appreciated!).

Easter Event!

Join us at Seal Rescue Ireland in Courtown for an Egg-citing Easter Saturday and Sunday full of family fun for only €5 per child!

Easter Family Fun on both the 15th & 16th April from 10am - 5pm!

Let your child learn all about seals as they complete our Easter Discovery Trail & receive a sweet reward!

Loads of fun Activities for all the family including:
- Easter egg hunts at 11am & 3pm
- Photos with Selkie the seal
- Face painting
- Easter games and crafts
- Mini Seal Rescuers
- Tours of the centre
- Seal releases on both days at 1pm

....AND much more!!!

easter 15-16 april.jpg