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When you purchase an item from our gift shop you are making a significant contribution to the rescue, care, and release of our Seal Pups! Thank you so much for your support!

201 Seal Calendar


It's BACK! Our 2018 Calendar now HALF price for only €5! Featuring 12 beautiful seals and their stories with all proceeds going directly to the care of the pups.

Shipping Options


We don't have all sizes and colours in stock but right when you order we can get our printer to make your very special hoodie and get them shipped off within two weeks. If you need a rush on your jumper please contact us to find out which ones we currently have in stock to ensure you get your jumper within a week. (087-1955393)

Delivery option with shipping and hoodie price:

Eco -Friendly

Tote Bags €5.00

Aluminium Drink Bottle €15

Aluminium Drink Bottle (incorrectly printed) €7.50

Plush Toys

Hugsies Small White Seal 45cm                €10.00   


Harbour Seal 10" €12.00

pink glitter seal.jpg

Glitter Pink Seal 25cm €15.00


Sea Turtle Teddy 12'' €20.00


Large Blue Seal 30cm €20.00


Jumbo Spotted Seal 30'' €60.00

Beanie Grey Seal 16cm                               €5.00                      

harp seal claws.jpg

White Seal Pup Teddy 10'' €12.00


Spotted Seal Teddy 15'' €20.00


Jumbo White Seal 30'' €60.00


Large White Harp Seal €20.00


Hug-ems Harbour Seal 4'' €10.00


Medium white harp seal €15.00


Keyrings & Magnets

 Flat Seal Keyring €5.00


SOLD OUT Spotted Seal Magnet €3.00


Softies White Seal Keyring €3.50


 Lanyard €5.00



SOLD OUT Wooden Seal Necklace €5.00


Seal Earrings €5.00


SoldDolphin Mood Ring €3.00


Dolphin Mood Bracelet €5.00

Wristband Colors

Wood Whale Tail Necklace €5.00

download (2).png

Seal Hair Clips €4.00


Clay Seal Ring €5.00


Turtle Mood Ring €3.00


Turtle Mood Bracelet €5.00

Wristband Colors

Silver Whale Necklace €8.00


     Wristbands  €2.00                                                  

Clay Turtle Ring €5.00


Penguin Mood Ring €3.00


Penguin Mood Bracelet €5.00

Wristband Colors

SOLD OUT Silver Turtle Necklace €8.00


Toys & Crafts

Seal Hand Puppet €10.00


Seal Rescue Vet Set €20.00      


Nature Tube €15.00


Aquatic Play Set €6.00                                              


DIY Eraser Clay €10.00


Blue Water Shaker €4.50


Float Modelling Clay €5.50


Individual Aquatic Plastic Toy €2.00


Logo Pencil €1.00


SOLD OUT Aquatic Water Game €5.00


SOLD OUT Jump Rope €6.00                                                              


Aquatic Toy Collection €20.00


SOLD OUT Aquatic Colouring Book €12.00                                          


SOLD OUT DIY Mermaid Purse €20.00


Bubble Putty €4.50


Grow Shrimp Aquarium €10.00


 Shark Hand Puppet €10.00


Logo Pen €1.50


SOLD OUT Mermaid Water Game €5.00


SOLD OUT E-Team Dolphin Rescue €25.00


Whale & Dolphin Toy Collection €20.00


SOLD OUT Ocean Dive Action Playset €25.00


SOLD OUT DIY Turtle Purse €20.00


Grow a Fish Tiny Tank €5.00


SOLD OUT Water Science Kit €15.00


Sea Animal Erasers €3.00



Glass Seal 5cm  €3.00


SOLD OUT Small Puffin €5.00


Seal Rescue Ireland Sticker €0.50


SOLD OUT Seal Statue €4.00


SOLD OUT Large Wooden Puffin €5.00


SOLD OUT Wooden Frog €5.00


Ocean Table Mat €5.00


Children's Poncho €3.00


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