Have you found an Otter in distress?

Otters are normally quite elusive animals and it would be rare to come across one unless something is wrong. It is important to remember that otters are a wild animal and if they feel threatened they have sharp teeth and can cause injury if not careful! It is always best to seek further information before approaching an injured otter.

**Seal Rescue Ireland does not have the facilities to rehabilitate otters, but we are happy to help with rescues and advice. **

Otter cubs stay with their mother's for the first 12 months of life and if one is found alone it has likely been orphaned. If this is the case it is in the animal’s best interest to transfer it to an appropriately trained and equipped individual/organisation as soon as possible for rehabilitation.

An otter may need help for any of the following reasons:

  • Road traffic casualty (RTA)
  • An otter that will allow you to approach it is sick
  • Damaged limb or other obvious wounds
  • Otter cub IF it’s on its own (as decided after lengthy observation from a distance)
  • Otter cub if definitely alone and under 1kg in weight
  • Trapped or caught e.g. in fence – do NOT cut free until fully assessed
  • If unresponsive/unconscious – needs veterinary attention immediately

If you have found an otter in distress you can contact us for help and advice 24 hours a day on  087 195 5393.