Welcome to Seal Rescue Ireland's Rescue Volunteer Network!

We greatly appreciate your decision to donate your time to our mission of saving Ireland's seals. Our non-profit organisation would not be able to exist and save all the seals we do without our great network of volunteers!

All volunteers doing hands on work with the seals are required to pay a one time Volunteer Membership Fee. 


2015-11-14 vest back transp.png
  • A Lifetime Volunteer Membership

  • Seal Rescue Ireland Rescue Team Vest

  • Wildlife Rescue ID Card (proof to authorities that you are under our rescue permit when picking up a seal)

  • A handful of our informational brochures (to give out at rescues or places in your local community)

  • One day of Seal Rescue Network Training

  • Receive our monthly E-Newsletter with updates on all the seals in care, upcoming releases and events.

When you go out on missions this Vest helps distinguish our Volunteer Network from the general public and we find that it gives our volunteers more credibility and recognition in the community. This vest is fantastic since it is something you can place over whatever you are wearing, rain or shine!  Thanks again so much for joining our team and we all look forward to working with you!


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