Help us Warm Up The Pups!


Winter Is Coming... 


We are currently raising funds in preparation for the winter cold to enhance our facility by installing electric heat sources to warm our pups in care. Almost all of the seal pups that come to us are malnourished, emaciated, and have compromised immune systems which means it’s difficult for them to thermoregulate. If we can keep them warm, which is a constant challenge in an outdoor facility in Ireland, not only are the pups happier and more comfortable, but they’re better able to focus energy towards gaining weight, fighting off infection, and getting healthy enough for release back into the wild… which is the ultimate goal! The electrical improvements and heat fixtures for all twelve kennels are projected to cost approximately €5000. If you or your team is interested in helping us warm up the pups, we have a fundraiser geared to recognize those who help us attain our goal!


To Recognize You For Your Generosity...

The contribution levels are categorized into €50, €100, €250, €500 and €1000. If your team raises:

  • 50: Receive an Eco-Adoption! Your team will receive an Eco-Adoption of the seal of your choice! Receive photos, progress updates, and an invite to his or her release!
  • 100: Receive your name on a Plaque! We will add your name to our displayed list of dedicated donors to be showcased at our Centre in Courtown!
  • 250: Receive A Herding Board Sponsorship! Your team’s name or logo will be placed on a herding board and you will be recognized on social media! “Herding Boards” are used during seal releases to help guide the seals to the ocean and keep them separated from the crowd. Due to the nature of their use, they receive a high amount of visibility and are often featured in photos which will advertise your team’s collaboration with SRI! Here are some example photos from other organizations’ use of herding boards: 

  • €500: Receive a Kennel Sponsorship! A sign with your team’s name or logo will be placed on one of our seal housing kennels for 12 months (renewals are welcomed and appreciated). These kennels house our seals in care and receive a lot of visibility to our many visitors. Your team will also receive recognition on social media! An example of a kennel sponsorship sign is below:
kennel sign.jpg

  • 1000: Receive a Pool Sponsorship! A large sign with your team’s name or logo will be placed on one of our four pools for 12 months (renewals are welcomed and appreciated). Prior to release, the seals spend their days swimming and playing in these pools, therefore signs situated here receive the highest amount of visibility from our many visitors. Your team will also receive recognition on social media! An example of what a pool sponsorship sign will look like is below:

Let’s Get Started!

You will find a fundraiser poster that can be used to promote the campaign HERE.

Your team’s total can be donated to Seal Rescue Ireland via Paypal through our DONATION page. Once submitted, please forward your confirmation with the total amount donated to along with your company/team name and logo so we can recognize you for your support appropriately.


Your team can feel great about any level of contribution knowing that your funds go towards equipment that will directly impact the health and happiness of all of our sick and injured seal pups. Thank you in advance for your support of Seal Rescue Ireland and welcome to the team! Good luck!