Up close seal photo and Melanie Croce at Seal Rescue Ireland

The Sun: BRICKING IT Seal Rescue Ireland recycles killer ocean plastic into eco-bricks for stools and tables – and a new centre

Even responsibly-disposed plastic can make its way into our seas and oceans, and aquatic animals and fish suffer – but the Co Wexford seal-saving centre is turning the offending material into useful bricks. Having seen seals dying after ingesting plastic rubbish, the staff at Seal Rescue Ireland adopted a novel idea to put non-biodegradable waste to good use.

Instead of sending plastics to landfill, they are transforming them into ecobricks which are in turn used to make stools and tables.

And they hope to inspire a new wave of recycling while encouraging people to stop buying single-use plastics.

However, that’s only the start of the ambition of Seal Rescue Ireland, based in Courtown, Co Wexford — as the ultimate goal is to make enough eco-bricks to build a new seal rescue centre.


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