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Seal Rescue Ireland is a charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick, injured, or orphaned seals. As the only Seal Rescue in the Republic of Ireland we have a big responsibility.

We run a 24-Hour Rescue Line, supported by just over 600 Rescue Network Volunteers who help to assess, and transport seals to our care, covering a whopping 3100 km of coastline. Our Seal Hospital is designed to cater to the care and rehabilitation of seals until they are healthy enough for release. Our expert Animal Care Team provides around the clock care to vulnerable seals for 365 days of the year. SRI strives to promote ocean conservation and sustainability through education, community engagement and research programmes to protect our marine environment and all life within. At our visitor centre, we welcome and educate guests from all over the world on threats facing marine life and promote ocean conservation and sustainability.

Our Mission

Healthy Seas, Healthy Seals!


Our History

Dingle to Courtown Seal Rescue Centre

Our organisation was initially established in Dingle, Co Kerry in June 2010 as ‘Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary’. Our original facility in Dingle was badly damaged due to a terrible storm in March 2014 that was beyond our capacity at the time to repair it. At that point, the base of operations moved to the current site in Courtown, Co Wexford, and became recognised as ‘Seal Rescue Ireland’. Our rescue operation has continued to grow there ever since.

Revitalised rescue centre
growing stronger together

Our supporters were integral in rebuilding from the ground up and developing a stronger rehabilitation facility with six ICUs, twelve kennels, and four pools in which our seals can recover. We are able to help more pups in need than ever before and expand our efforts in proactive conservation projects.

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What we do

Seal Rescue Ireland Saving, Rehabilitating, Educating

  • Rescue

  • Rehab & Release

  • Habitat Restoration

  • Research


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Seal Rescue Ireland

The Team

We are a small hard working, dedicated staff team supported by 100’s of volunteers and interns who support the care and rescue of seals in peril. Read a little about what brought us to Seal Rescue Ireland, and why we love it here so much!

Staff Profiles:
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    Kim Townsend Smyth

    General Manager

  • Rectangle 14738
    Hayleigh Gray

    Senior Animal Care Manager

  • Rectangle 14741
    Natalie Barry

    Animal Care Manager and Gift shop Manager

  • Rectangle 14744
    Aoife O’Donoghue

    Animal Care Manager and Adoptions Coordinator

Board of Directors:
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    Peter Hughes

    Chair & Trustee

  • Rectangle 14738
    Ally McMillan

    Co-Founder & Trustee

  • Rectangle 14741
    Samira Nicolo



Our Finances

As a charity, it’s important to us to be open and transparent about our finances. View our annual reports to learn how we raise and spend our funding.


News & Updates

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