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A great deal of dedication and resources go into the rehabilitation of each and every seal pup.

Follow YOUR favourite seal’s journey back to the wild while supporting its hospital care with an Adoption Pack!

All adoption packs are sent via email and include:

  1. Personalised Certificate of Adoption.
  2. The full rescue story and background of your chosen seal.
  3. Regular ‘PUPdates’ emailed to you providing photos, videos and stories of your seal during their progression through care.
  4. An invitation to your seal’s release! (Excluding Cloudberry)

PLEASE NOTE: All emails will be sent to the email connected to the card or Paypal account you pay with. As a result of GDPR, we cannot send adoption packs directly to anyone but yourself. Please reply to the adoptions email to change the email address if necessary. 


IMG_8910 Scribbly Gum
cloudy Cloudberry
79801677_10162646582195072_5159966828876791808_o Christmas Cactus
IMG_7269 Jonquil
corn 1 Cornflower
clover 4 Clover

Adoption Guide

Choose which seal/s you would like to adopt from the photos above then click the Adoption product link of choice below.

All of SRI’s Adoption Packages are now 100% eco-friendly! We no longer print, laminate and post materials in an effort to cut down on resources, waste and carbon emissions. With our plastic-free, paperless Adoption Packages, you’ll receive all documents and correspondences conveniently through email while maximising benefit to the seals.


Eco-Adoption pack choices:

Choose any of our seals in care to adopt with our various Adoption pack options available!

Option 1: Adopt-a-Seal (1 seal) €30

Option 2: Best Buddies (2 seals) €50

Option 3: Kennel Pals (5 seals) €100


Cloudberry the Ringed Seal Adoption

Adopt our special little ringed seal, “Cloudberry”! She has very special needs while in care, and can’t be released here in Ireland as she is not native to these waters. Funds raised from her adoptions will not only go towards her care but also to fund her return to the wild which will require transportation up north to colder waters!!


“I adopted a seal and learnt an amazing amount about seals in the process. I fell in love with my seal called Noodles. When he was released it was such an exhilarating experience! In fact, it was so rewarding I have adopted two more.”
– Rebecca, New Zealand

If you have any inquiries about our adoption program please email:

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