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Buzzard Soaring

Habitat Restoration and Birds of Prey

Feature Image: BirdWatch Ireland - Birds of Prey are apex predators that play a crucial role in maintaining environmental health within their habitat by removing weak, old, and sick…

Bat Flying Through Trees

Habitat Restoration and Bats

Bats play a valuable role in functioning ecosystems. Across the globe, some bat species are valuable as insect predators, while in more tropical latitudes, some species are pollinators that help…


Why a Seal Rescue Charity is planting 25,000 trees

Why is a seal rescue charity planting 25,000 trees? The biodiversity crisis is too urgent not to!  Author: Faye Saulsbury, 20th August 2022 Project Manager, Jeshua Taucher planting Irish Oak…


13,319 Native Trees Planted!

Our staff and interns have been hard at work getting hundreds of saplings into the ground. On our first day alone, we planted 300 trees and we have planted *985* in 10 native species overall since January!

Why are we seeing more dead seals?

This month, we be were busy raising the alarm about the huge rise in dead seals washing up and being reported across Ireland’s coastlines.

n 2020 SRI recorded a total of 202 dead seal reports, nearly DOUBLE that of 2019! And the trend continues: so far 2021 is starting off strong, with double the numbers reported from this time in 2020

Restoring Trees and Rivers at Ballinclare Dairy

We have lots of amazing information about this riparian restoration project coming soon. Below you'll find an assortment of photos of our volunteers and the landowner, George, working throughout the…

Earth Heroes Virtual Education Series Seal Rescue Ireland

Become a Virtual Seal Hero

Our highly anticipated educational video series is now available for streaming on our website!

To continue bringing our engaging education programme into classes across Ireland, while preventing the spread of Covid-19, we've created our "Earth Heroes" programme!

Restoring Courtown Woods

Begining in 2019, we invited 300 members of the community to join us to plant 600 native trees in an area of Courtown Woods that was devastated by Heavy Machinery.…


Freia the seal pup is helping WRI!

2020 was a year that was anything but ordinary as we’ve all had to adapt to the ‘new normal!' Throughout life in lockdown, everyone has been doing what they can…

Grey Seals On Rocky Bay

How Seals Benefit Fisheries

As native seal populations have begun to recover over the past several decades due to conservation efforts and protection policies in Ireland, interactions between seals and fisheries have escalated. In…

Seals At Brides Head Beach - Chrish Parkes Photography

Surveying Seals at Brides Head Beach

If you've read the paper or listened to East Coast FM lately, you may have heard our Executive Director, Melanie Croce, talking about Seal Rescue Ireland's collaborative partnership with Wicklow Co. Council to protect Brides Head Beach, a crucial Grey seal haul-out site, during pupping and moulting season (August - April).

Go Plastic Free For July

Seal Rescue Ireland is proud to be partaking in Plastic Free July and we would love for you to join in! For the month of July, people around the world…

Virtual School Tours Seal Rescue Ireland

Meet the Seals… Online!

With SRI’s BRAND NEW Virtual Education Programme, you’ll get the chance to learn (safely from home!) all about Ireland’s native seals, and what we can all do to protect them and marine biodiversity. Join us virtually for a tour of our seal hospital in Courtown, Co Wexford, and an engaging look at how we give sick, injured and orphaned seals another chance at life in the wild.

Cloudberry’s Homecoming

We are thrilled to announce that our rescued Ringed Seal, Cloudberry, at last made her triumphant return to the wild!  This special seal stole our hearts and tickled our funny…


SRI During The Pandemic

A large part of the joy of working at Seal Rescue Ireland is getting to capture the public’s attention by sharing the story of what we do and why we…


World Wildlife Day

Seal Rescue Ireland took a safari into the depths of the animal kingdom on the first weekend in March, to celebrate World Wildlife Day! We turned our centre into a…


Aughboy Habitat Restoration Project

During the cold, wet, winter of 2020, Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI) teamed up with ‘Plant and Grow for Tomorrow’ and ‘None-so-Hardy Forestry’ to deliver an exciting, new Community Habitat Restoration project. Learn more!
Seal Rescue Ireland Meeting President Higgins

Meeting the Irish President

On the 21st of February 2020 our Executive Director, Melanie Croce, was invited to The Wheel's 20th Anniversary celebration.

A Trip to Seal Rescue Ireland

On a recent trip, I stumbled across Seal Rescue Ireland, a national charity that rescues and rehabilitates sick, injured and orphaned seal pups and inspires ocean conservation. It’s located in…


She’s an Arctic Mystery

On 2nd January 2020 a curious guest showed up on the west coast of Ireland in CO. Kerry in the shape of a fluffy little cloud. After further sitings and…


Seal FAQs

Q: What species of seals do we have in Ireland? A: While there are 33 species of seal in the world, we only get two in Ireland- the Common (Harbour)…


The Rescue of Maui

THE CALL Our 24-hour hotline phone received a rather distressing call on Thursday afternoon, 10 May 2018. The caller spoke in a surprising urgency; Grey seal pupping season had been…


Restoring Irish Watersheds

FROM CLOUDY MOUNTAINS AND FARMLANDS TO URBAN DRAINS, ALL WATER LEADS TO THE SEA! Following the overwhelming success of our pilot restoration project in Courtown Woods last winter (2018), Seal…


Climate Change Action Plan

Meet Falafel our Climate Emergency Ambassador! Following a stormy few days in November 2019, our rescue team were called out to Arklow, to assess the state of a grey…


What Are Ecobricks?

Thanks for doing your part to reduce plastic waste in our oceans and landfills! Due to an incredible amount of interest from across Ireland, SRI is currently not accepting Ecobricks…

Grey Seal Pup Suckling On Mum

Why Is Human Disturbance A Problem?

Please DO NOT approach, touch, harm or harass a wild seal as this is dangerous, harmful to the seal, and illegal. Seals are protected species under both EU and Irish…


Why is Plastic Pollution A Threat?

The world has changed significantly in the past 35 years. An incomprehensible amount of plastic has been produced, used and discarded, much of it ending up in the environment. There…

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