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Watershed Restoration

FROM CLOUDY MOUNTAINS AND FARMLANDS TO URBAN DRAINS, ALL WATER LEADS TO THE SEA! Following the overwhelming success of our pilot restoration project in Courtown Woods last winter (2018), Seal Rescue Ireland has decided to significantly upscale our proactive conservation…

Climate Change Action Plan

Meet Falafel our Climate Emergency Ambassador! Following a stormy few days in November 2019, our rescue team were called out to Arklow, to assess the state of a grey seal pup who was stranded and in very poor condition. In…


Thanks for doing your part to reduce plastic waste in our oceans and landfills! Due to an incredible amount of interest from across Ireland, SRI is currently not accepting Ecobricks from the public, as we have reached storage capacity on…

Human Disturbance

This page is currently under construction, please enjoy this fabulous video in the mean time =)

How Seals benefit fisheries

This page is currently under construction. When it’s ready, come and explore a culturally in-grained misconception, that seals eat all the fish…


This page is currently under construction. Soon we’ll be examining the horrific impact that ghost fishing nets have on wildlife, and how we as consumers can influence change in this industry.

Plastic Pollution

Many websites claim that 100,000 marine mammals die from plastic pollution every year. However, following some brief research we’ve found this number to have no scientific grounding. It was first published in The New York Times “who had obtained it…

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