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NEW Virtual Volunteering Opportunities!

In the era of social distancing, we have created the following opportunities for volunteering with SRI wherever you are!

By volunteering remotely, you are supporting our life-saving work and making a difference in your own patch, while staying safe, healthy and reducing the spread of Covid-19.

Contact Kim at for information on how to register and costings.

June is volunteering month again and I asked the team if they wanted to do something different this year or go back and help the Seal Rescue Centre. They all resoundingly wanted to go back to the seals.

It obviously made a big impression as everyone who was there drastically reduced their plastic bottle usage!”

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Virtual Community Conservation Training + Tour

Duration: 1.5 Hour Online Event + Opportunity for Ongoing Engagement

€10.00 per person (minimum group size of 10)*

*Many companies have volunteer matching in place which will maximise your impact for SRI and can take place of the individual training fee.

This new programme consists of a 1-hour virtual presentation (via Zoom), focused on training participants on personal actions to improve the health of our environment and protect our wildlife!
Information will be given for volunteers in coastal areas on how to monitor and become stewards of their own local beaches, enabling volunteers to proactively protect seals from human disturbance and how to report other points of interest such as tagged seals, entangled seals, dead seals, pupping activities, wildlife crimes and coastal biodiversity surveys, to create a widespread profile of Ireland’s coastlines.
This training will also provide information on how to organise your own local litter pick or beach clean (see below)! Following the 1-hour training, we will invite you to join us for a 30-minute live tour of our seal hospital where you can virtually meet the seal pups, learn their stories and ask questions!  This training leads to ongoing engagement, with the option of regularly monitoring your own local coastlines, which may also qualify for volunteer matching.
A grey seal on Brideshead beach
“A wonderful experience! This was our second time having the SRI Virtual Experience at our company as it was in such high demand the first time!
I loved learning about the seal rescue process, about seals’ importance in the ecosystem, and about human impact on seal habitats. Krysten was so helpful and friendly and happy to answer any questions we had.
I’m really glad we went for this experience a second time, it was more than worthwhile and I feel like I’ve learned a lot. And of course, the seal pups are adorable.”

Beach Clean/Litter Pick 

Duration: 1 Hour one-time + Opportunity for Ongoing Engagement

Get involved in keeping your local area clean and rubbish free, while protecting wildlife from plastic ingestion and entanglement hazards, by organising a local beach clean or litter pick!

At SRI, we see seals injured or killed by plastic pollution all too often, and as part of our conservation efforts we regularly conduct beach cleans, forest cleans and litter picks in our local area to get the plastic pollution away from where it can do harm to wildlife.

Getting out and about in your own local coastline or forest trail to pick up rubbish is an easy way to make a big impact and reverse the tide on plastic pollution!

Don’t forget to keep a record of what you find, and report collected rubbish to your local council so it can be removed and discarded responsibly!

Find out if your company does volunteer matching, so you can raise funds for SRI while you beach clean!

Virtual Rescue Network Training 

Duration: 3 Hour Online Event + Opportunity for Ongoing Engagement

€35.00 per person*

*Many companies have volunteer matching in place which will maximise your impact for SRI and can take place of the individual training fee.

The most “hands-on” way to get involved, this opportunity is comprised of a 3-hour live session (via Zoom) to learn all about Ireland’s native seals, their ecology and behaviour, how to recognise a seal in need of help, and how to safely lift and transport sick and injured seals for lifesaving rehabilitation and care.  There is no experience necessary, and the best part is that it leads to ongoing engagement in real-world wildlife rescues.
Upon completion of the training, employees have the option to join SRI’s rescue network to be notified to take part in future seal rescues in their area! Employees may also be able to log hours volunteered on rescues which bring even further support for SRI’s work.

Seal Stride 

Duration: Choose your Goal (3km-100km)

Take on the Seal Stride Challenge to help our sick and injured pups! Support SRI by taking on a sponsored run or walk to raise much-needed funds to cover operational costs at our Seal Rescue Centre.

With recent fundraising challenges due to COVID-19, and a rising number of rescued seals requiring life-saving care, SRI has had our work cut out for us!

With a suggested donation of €5 per km walked/run, you can set up your own fundraiser and get sponsors to match your efforts, however high your goal! Make a difference with every km this spring, while enjoying the great outdoors and getting a bit of exercise to boot.

What your Seal Stride can mean for SRI:

  • €15.00 (or 3km walk/run)- One jug of electrolyte solution to keep pups hydrated
  • €20.00 (or 4km walk/run)- Two heat lamp bulbs to keep pups warm
  • €35.00 (or 7km walk/run)- A new syringe and tube set to feed young pups
  • €50.00 (or 10km walk/run)- A call-out visit from the vet
  • €100.00 (or 20km walk/run)- One-month fish supply for one pup
    Find out if your company does volunteer matching, or donation matching, to maximize your impact!

Virtual Guided Nature Walk

Duration: 1-Hour

€10.00 per person

*Many companies have volunteer matching in place which will maximise your impact for SRI and can take place of the individual training fee.
We can never fully appreciate that which we don’t understand.. so get outside and get to know your local green space, park or forest, which will inspire its protection and conservation.
This activity entails a 1-Hour nature walk virtually led by Lorraine from, a talented and knowledgable seanchaí (or traditional Irish storyteller). Immerse yourself in nature and learn about Ireland’s natural heritage, Celtic Mythology, stories of different trees and their meanings in Irish folklore. You’ll never look at the woods the same way!


Come spend a day out of the office for a unique opportunity for team building, learning how you can protect seals, while contributing to a worthy cause! Our Corporate Volunteer Days start with an engaging presentation about Seal Rescue Ireland. We’ll introduce our work, an understanding of marine ecology, seal behaviours and the threats to seals in Ireland. Once you’ve learned the reasons why we do what we do, we’ll then take your team on a behind the scenes tour of the hospital.

After meeting our seals and learning their stories, you’ll get the chance to participate in seal care work and help us tackle different maintenance projects around the rescue centre. Everyone will get a chance to work up close with the pups while you feed them and clean their pools!

The day runs from 10:30 to 16:00 with a one hour break for lunch. The Centre does not having dining facilities on site, however you are welcome to bring picnic lunches or we can recommend a number of great, local restaurants within walking distance we encourage you to try!

Once you confirm the date and number of people that will be participating, we will create an itinerary for you to pass along to your team so that they know what to bring and what to expect from their day! 

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