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Would your company’s team like to spend a day assisting SRI’s team? 

Come spend a day out of the office with some team building at the Seal Rescue Centre! The day includes an engaging presentation, a behind the scenes tour, the chance to work side by side with our animal care team and a taste of what goes into running an animal hospital. In addition to exclusive photo opportunities and the chance to feed the seals, your team will be supporting the continuation of our seal rescue work. You and your colleagues will walk away with unforgettable memories as well as a renewed appreciation for our ocean’s health.

Come spend a day behind the scenes with SRI and our seal pups!


Come spend a day out of the office for a unique opportunity for team building, learning how you can protect seals, while contributing to a worthy cause! Our Corporate Volunteer Days start with an engaging presentation about Seal Rescue Ireland. We’ll introduce our work, an understanding of marine ecology, seal behaviours and the threats to seals in Ireland. Once you’ve learned the reasons why we do what we do, we’ll then take your team on a behind the scenes tour of the hospital.

After meeting our seals and learning their stories, you’ll get the chance to participate in seal care work and help us tackle different maintenance projects around the rescue centre. Everyone will get a chance to work up close with the pups while you feed them and clean their pools!

The day runs from 10:30 to 16:00 with a one hour break for lunch. The Centre does not having dining facilities on site, however you are welcome to bring picnic lunches or we can recommend a number of great, local restaurants within walking distance we encourage you to try!

Once you confirm the date and number of people that will be participating, we will create an itinerary for you to pass along to your team so that they know what to bring and what to expect from their day! 


June is volunteering month again and I asked the team if they wanted to do something different this year or go back and help the Seal Rescue Centre. They all resoundingly wanted to go back to the seals 🙂 It obviously made a big impression as everyone who was their drastically reduced their plastic bottle usage!”
-Red, Google Dublin


Many companies have Corporate Social Responsibility programmes in place. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss rates!

All funding goes directly towards hospital operation costs and enables SRI to continue advancing animal care and conservation initiatives. Through these collaborations, we strive to create a sustainable future for humans, animals and our shared environment. 

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