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Seal Rescue Ireland

Donating to Seal Rescue Ireland will help us to:

  • Care For, Feed & Rehabilitate Sick, Injured & Abandoned Seal Pups at our Rescue Centre in Courtown, Co. Wexford.
  • Provide Life Saving Medical Supplies & Rehab Equipment
  • Man & Maintain Our 24-Hour Rescue Helpline
  • Co-ordinate 100’s of Rescue Volunteers Along Our Irish Coastline, Who Help to Rescue, Lift & Transport Seals to Our Care.
  • Maintain our Pool Pumps, Filters, Fridges, Wet gear, Heat Lamps, Feeding Pumps & More!

Our Impact In 2022

Seals Rescued
Seals Released & Still in Care
Experience Participants
Trees Planted To Date

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