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Earth Heroes Virtual Education Programme is our dynamic new initiative to inspire and motivate young people to get involved in conservation.

To be able to continue bringing our educational programme into classrooms across Ireland, while preventing the spread of Covid-19, we’ve developed this unique learning experience!

Earth Heroes is completely remote, and perfect for Primary and Secondary school classes as well as afterschool clubs and community groups! The programme is designed to empower young people to take an active role in helping environmental efforts and to cultivate a sense of social responsibility.

All groups who take part in Earth Heroes will be added to our interactive map, charting the impact of our collective conservation efforts across Ireland and the world!

To inquire or book in for Earth Heroes, contact:

Earth heroes brochure SRI

Earth Heroes Virtual Education and Conservation Programme includes:

  • 8 Educational Videos

  • Downloadable Activity Workbooks

  • Live Virtual Tour of our Centre with Q&A

  • Fundraiser for Seal Rescue Ireland

  • Conservation Project

  • Free Seal Adoption

Earth Heroes Impact Map

Make your mark on our Impact Map by taking part in Earth Heroes Virtual Education & Conservation.

Any school that completes a fundraiser for SRI and a conservation project is eligible to be proudly featured on the map.


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