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Seals Rescue ireland


Our dedicated team educates about seal ecology, threats, and marine conservation through engaging local and online programs suitable for all ages and learning levels.

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Education offerings

Marine Conservation Education Programs Offered

Seal Rescue Ireland’s education program raises awareness on marine conservation, focusing on seal ecology, threats, and ocean preservation through interactive, engaging programs for all ages.

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Virtual Education

Free – Virtual Education Programme

Discover Seal Rescue Ireland’s virtual education program, providing insight into Ireland’s native seals and marine conservation efforts. Explore our seal hospital through virtual tours and access free educational videos, activity workbooks, and quizzes. Whether for classrooms, families, or community groups, our engaging resources offer an interactive learning experience from the comfort of your home or classroom.

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Educational Tours

School and Group Educational Tours

Explore Seal Rescue Ireland’s flexible educational programs tailored to various age groups and learning levels. From immersive Marine Conservation Discovery Tours at our rescue centre to engaging Marine Conservation Roadshows brought to your school or organisation, we offer interactive and enjoyable experiences that foster environmental knowledge and awareness.

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Education and Outreach

Our passionate team love to share their knowledge of seal ecology, their abilities, habitat & the threats they face, in the hope to inspire and promote the benefits of marine conservation, and the
protection of our marine life! We offer an array of onsite tours, and online programmes, speakers, workshops, and even a roadshow tailored to suit all ages and learning abilities!


Our Research

Explore Our Marine Mammal Research

Dive into the world of marine mammal research with Seal Rescue Ireland. Our research initiatives focus on understanding seal ecology, behaviour, and the impact of human activity on marine ecosystems. Through collaboration with scientists, universities, and conservation organisations, we strive to generate valuable insights into seal populations and contribute to the conservation of marine biodiversity.

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Seal Facts

Good to know facts

Irish Coastline Seal Diversity

Our Irish Coastline is home to 2 Types of Seals – Common Seals and Grey Seals. Grey Seals are larger (between 150-300 kilos and up to 7.5 ft long). They have long snouts and a dog like appearance. Common Seals are smaller (between 100-150 kilos) and up to 6.5 ft long) and have shorter snouts, with flatter faces. 

Seal Resilience

Grey Adult Seals can hold their breath for up to 30 Minutes! After hunting and holding their breath for long periods, they need time to rest on land to re-oxygenate their blood! 

Adaptable Land
Life for Seals

Seals, highly adaptable creatures, utilise land for essential activities like rest, molting, giving birth, and mating, comprising over 60% of their overall time.

Seals’ Water Defence

When a seal dives under water, their nostrils and ear holes close! The nostrils close to prevent water getting into their lungs, and the ears close prevent ear infections! 

Seal Evolutionary Origins

It is believed that seals probably evolved from otter-like ancestors Puijila darwini about 15-20 million years ago. Their closest land-dwelling relatives are said to be bears, dogs and weasels! 

Seal Health, Ocean Wellness

Irish seals, longtime ecosystem balancers, bio-indicators. Their health reflects sea health. Pollution threats, including microplastics, harm seals, marine life, and humans. Protecting coastal waters is vital for the well-being of all interconnected elements in our marine environment.

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Treats to Seals

Seal threats mainly from human activity

Learn about the threats facing seals and their marine habitats. Our comprehensive guide explores various human activities that endanger seals, including pollution, habitat destruction, entanglement in fishing gear, and disturbance from human presence. Discover the impact of these threats on seal populations and ecosystems, along with actionable steps individuals can take to mitigate these risks and protect seal populations.

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Seal FAqs

Seal frequently asked questions

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