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Seal adoptions not only support the care and recovery of the pup you are adopting, but all of our pup patients at the rescue centre in need of care!

Adopt a Seal

What you recEive

Adopt and Support Seal Pups

  • An Official, and Personalised Seal Rescue Ireland,
    Pup Adoption Cert.
  • Seal of Ireland Info Pack info pack.
  • An adoption password, and link that gives you access to your adopted seals page. This page will be regularly updated with behind-the-scenes footage, photos and blog entries about your pup throughout their journey of recovery. You will even get to see their release video!

Vital seal care

Adoption Ambassadors:
Personalise your seal support

Our adoption seals are ambassadors that allow our supporters a more personal connection to our rescue pups and their journey through rehab. Each seal can be adopted by more than one person, this is so that we can provide the vital care needed to all of our patients

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Please follow our purchasing notes:

Experience the joy of adoption. Support our seals on their journey to recovery and make a difference Today by choosing to Adopt and Save Lives

Adopting a seal starts from €30.00

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